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I will explain everything about The Elements Rise and the series afterwards

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It says in the title what I'm doing

This Chapter is about The Elements Rise

It says that there are four kits but there are really six at the end of the series. Shadow, Light, Breeze, Fire, Cliff, and Steam. Shadow being the oldest since Light and Shadows were the first things on the earth. Cliff can not just make the earth shake he can make rocks shoot up from the ground he can bend rocks so they can be shoot at enemies. Steam can Blood bend and Ice bend along with bending water. Fire can stand fire and can bend fire, Breeze can make winds. Shadow can bend the shadows so the shadows move and attack enemies. Light can make light brighter and Blind her enemies along with making weapons out of light. Now their warriors names Shadow will be Shadowlight, Light will be Lightshadow, Breeze will be Breezesky, Fire will be Firethunder, Cliff will be Cliffwind, and Steam will be Steamriver. Is everyone one board? If not read what's below.
There is nothing else to explain for this. But LIght and Shadow come out of the shadows in The Elements Rise: Earth's Last Stand. It's called that because Cliff dies then comes back alive because Windstar gave him her soul. Fire nearly dies then Thunderstar bonds with her. Same things happen with Breeze, Steam, Shadow and Light. They fuse with the Leader that guided them. But the others don't nearly die. I guess Windstar giving her soul to Cliff is like fusing... Right?

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22 hours ago
3 days ago
Lol Alexa can be evil sometimes
4 days ago
Flaggy wakes up with her Alexa screeming at her "WAKE UUP KES BREAKFEAST IS READY!" and I just sit there olike WHY FATHER WHY?!??!?!?!??!?!?!
4 days ago
I thought White died....Jay you broke the plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9 days ago
No becuz Amber is a fox and It's ok for one of Foxhowl's kits to come out backward and Moonsong and not a med cat she is warrior. YES DELTA SHIP FLAGPOST in the elements rise and the new benders Meh must send some of the 14 kits to other clans XD
11 days ago
I'm just saying that I cannot continue the story until you inform me, because I have come to the point where I need info to write teh next part soh
12 days ago
Oh and also one of Foxhowl's kits will come out backwards. It doesn't affect anything except that it does come out backwardss
12 days ago
I have a few questions (sorry) so Moonsong is a med cat right? And can Flagpost have a mate? Please? Even though it is forbidden him and Deltashadow seem right for each other! And, Foxhowl's kits ARE Amber's, right? And when she tells Flamestar, does he know who Amber is? Yes, I know it is a lot of questions, but still!
14 days ago
Sorry I didn't check this yesterday I had horseback riding practice
14 days ago
I think luv could pull that off probably, and I am the best at acting (so modest right) she could also have tryouts
15 days ago
I think it would end up being really cool to watch it when it's done. I think it would also be a great idea to do and there is some good voice acting tips videos on youtube if people need to practice their voice acting.
15 days ago
JayfeatherBB you can also get Luv_Goats to help us with this if we do end up doing it
15 days ago
Maybe I won't in change I mean maybe I will be in charge of the whole thing and Flagpost can set up the things for it
15 days ago
I will be in change of the final thing there must be a try out for the voice acting if we do end up doing it
15 days ago
JayfeatherBB what if some people on scratch made a warriors map of the elements rise? Like the first one with voice acting and other things
15 days ago
I guess but it never happened
16 days ago
So... what about Breeze and Vixenpaw? Didn't they kind of like each other?
20 days ago
Omg why Flagpost why? I need you guys to vote on da prophecy in The Elements Rise:Fire Rising or Water's Shadow
21 days ago
Um...I actually have a table in my room with everybody's stroies from Tales Of The Sky and The Elements Rise,I'm going to fix my life someday
21 days ago