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The Elements Rise: Water's Shadow

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8 Chapter - 562 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 67 taken-The story is currently being written

Here is Water's Shadow I think Flagpost quit for this series so I'm writing this one and Earth's Last Stand

Steam stared at the ground. "YOU DID WHAT FIRE AND STEAM!" Flamestar yowled. "We're sorry we didn't mean to dry up the Moon Pool." Fire mewed softly. "SORRY WILL NOT BRING BACK THE MOON POOL IF SOMETHING HAPPENS LIKE THIS AGAIN YOU WILL BE BANISHED!" Flamestar hissed. "Flamestar they didn't do it on purpose and they are just kits." Flagpost mewed from the edge of the den. "Fine but you kits are cleaning the elders den for two moons then." Flamestar mewed his amber eyes cracking like a raging fire. "Flamestar I need to tell Flagpost and the kits something." Wingpaw mewed coming in the den. "Fine." Flamestar spat. "Flamestar do you mind leaving the den?" Wingpaw mewed softly. Flamestar padded out the den. "Breeze come in here." Wingpaw said. Breeze padded into the den. "Something is happening to Cliff. He getting scars on his nose and calling out in his sleep Windstar. He also won't wake up. He also has been asleep since last night." Wingpaw mewed tears coming to her eyes. Flagpost ran out the den as he heard the last words. "I heard what happened at the Moon Pool. Are you okay Steam?" Breeze mewed as Wingpaw followed Flagpost. Steam couldn't believe it Breeze was asking her if she was okay. "Yes just stressed." Steam mewed. Flamestar came back into his den. "Breeze, Fire, and Steam there are some other kits who claim to be your kin just outside the den." Flamestar mewed. "Shadow!" Steam mewed as she saw a black tom with dark amber eyes. "But Shadow is dead." Breeze mewed confused. "That was a loner kit that Dark Shadow claimed to be me after Light and I ran away after we heard him coming." Shadow mewed. "Hi I'm Light. It's nice to see some other she-cats after spending half a moon with a tom all the time." A golden she-cat with yellow eyes mewed calmly unlike Shadow who was excited. Flagpost and Cliff walked out of the Medicine Cat den. "Cliff meet Shadow and Light they are our kin!" Fire called Cliff over.

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Kesley suddenly remembers her mother signed her up for French classes.I haven’t been there in forever ♾ and like the teacher walks up to me and says “Why ya never here?”and I pike ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need to go!
7 days ago
I need to now pay more attention to my french class now XD
10 days ago
okay that's bien with me (lol bien means good in french)
11 days ago
I must pick their warriors names XD You should see what I have for the first book of the new benders.
12 days ago
YESSSS it makes complete sense first of all I was under the impression that the apprentices became warriors in my book XD then I remembered and had to go revise
12 days ago
Thank you At least now Watter's Shadow also makes sense along with Air's Rush
12 days ago
I just reread Water's Shadow and fell in love with it all over again XD
12 days ago
Wow just wow how rude Flagpost
15 days ago
Foxhowl,it impossible for you to be evil.Even if it were,I wouldn't believe it
18 days ago
THe prophecy is going to be for the next series "Two all-benders and the first benders kit's will find what is lost in the shadows and found in the light before the clans are destroyed" or "Two all-benders must find the light and the shadows deep in the earth or the clans will be destroyed" HAHAH Ya I'm not making the evil cut ;~;
20 days ago
I'm going to start writing the first book of the new benders
21 days ago
I just realized that I have been spelling one of my oc's name wrong Steam is suppose to be Stream
34 days ago
Hmm Yes Flaggy is writing book three I want to write the last one though
36 days ago
I'm not sure, I can ask Foxhowl. You can definitely add OCs and I'm pretty sure you can write the third book
36 days ago
This is closed, isn't it
38 days ago
That makes sense. *nods in approval*
38 days ago
Cause I’m too lazy to type JayfeatherBB
39 days ago
And I still don't understand why you call me Jay.
39 days ago
Flagpost, I know. It was fun.
39 days ago
My books are connected :o