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Chasing The Sun Chapter Nine and A bit of Flameclaw

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Here, at last, also I am going to write Chapter Ten as Anisetoe

Flagstar watched JayfeatherBB lead a patrol into camp with a young kit carried by Seedmoon."Who's this?"he asked."His name is Fox's Howl, we found him by the border."said Jake.Flagstar shook his head, the young tom was so much like a fox.Seedmoon set him down and Fox's Howl stirred."Where am I?'asked the young cat."You are in AllthetestClan."said Flagstar."I've heard of the Clans! A red tabby with amber eyes once told me about them."said the tom.Some murmers and hisses arose from the Clan."Let him join the Clan as Foxkit."Flagstar said.Foxkit smiled and stood up facing him.

Flagstar heard JayfeatherBB talking and he woke up."Anisetoe came back!"he said a tiny bit worried."What's wrong?"Flagstar asked."She is about to have Flameclaw's kits."JayfeatherBB said.He sat there, shocked.A yowl of pain echoed through camp.The two toms raced out the den and saw Anisetoe laying outside the Leader's Den.Flagstar picked her up and brought her into the den.She yowled in pain."Her first kit is coming!"said a worried JayfeatherBB.Flagstar tried to calm him down but saw that the kit was coming tail first.Flagstar stroked JayfeatherBB's side with his tail.Anisetoe yowled again as a red tabby kit appeared at her belly and soon he was joined by five other kits. Anisetoe lifted her head, tiredly. JayfeatherBB looked at Flagstar with the same thought, The Clan will never trust her or her kits. Flagstar looked at Anisetoe and opened his mouth but she shook her head. "I know, this is a bad time to come, but in FlameClan when you have kits that have a single issue they are killed with no second thought. I was scared for my kits and came here. I only stopped here to inform you with this: FlameClan is going to attack and Ravenpaw was blinded and now has a crippled leg. Please save yourselves, I don't want more death than there has to be. " She said. " Where will you go? " asked JayfeatherBB. " Twolegplace once my kits are strong enough to walk, though I may let this one stay here and this one to FlameClan. " she said pointing at the kit that looked like her and the red tabby. Flagstar got up and left. A scent drifted to him and his world went dark.

Flagstar woke in a dark den with a black she-cat."hello, I'm Ravenflight. " she said.A gray-ish she-cat padded in. " Flameclaw! Your 'visitor' is awake. " she said. Ravenflight moved towards the edge of the den. " Turtleshell, don't hurt me." she whimpered. Turtleshell shook her head. " I won't hurt you today, daughter of Piestar. " said Turtleshell. Turtleshell, Ravenpaw? Then a huge red tabby walked in. " Flagstar, everybody else in here, leave! " yelled the tom. " Flameclaw, why are you here? " Flagstar asked, snarling. " I have a simple question. Where is my mate? " Flameclaw snarled. " At my camp, too afraid to return. " Said Flagstar. " No she isn't! " Yelled Flameclaw. " YES SHE IS SON! " yelled Flagstar. Flameclaw snarled. " I'M NOT YOUR SON! " He yelled. " YES YOU ARE! " Flagstar said. " How? " asked Flameclaw. " I met your mother, Pride on a border patrol and we kept on meeting, soon she was expecting my kits and had you, she died and Sharp raised you. " Flagstar said. Flameclaw looked at him." Please, father, tell me one more thing, why didn't you raise me?' asked Flameclaw. " Even I make mistakes. " He said. Flameclaw sighed and let him leave.

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She can take one of mine if she really wants to anyways
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Since I already have chasing the sun planned out can you ask her if she can do chapter five of moon rising?
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Also, Luv wants to write a chapter for chasing the sun, (one, please) she isn't too good at writing so she will need a lot of guidance XD
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I have been *trying* to check everybody's stuff every day but school is really hard and my device was taken away :l so I couldn't really
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Meh want to do Foxkit's Honor XD Fine I'll do eleven
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Also,Foxhowl please write your chapter by Wendesday because I have a test that day and I want to be cheered up a little bit.Or I will take that chapter from you.
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I'm leaning towards Flagstar's Choice because that has some major plot then Piestar's Past after that because of background stories and Sliverstar's Final Stand is very spoiler and important so that happens in Sun Rising,possibly later
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Flameclaw's Sde of the Story is done now what next?
Flagstar's Choice
JayfeatherBB's Heart
Flameclaw's Change
Jake's Promise
Sliverstar's Final Stand
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Flame woke up in the scruff of a yellow tom.”Hey!Put me down!”he snarled.”I won’t,Sharp was a terrible cat.”said the tom.Flame tried to wriggle out.
“Flagpost?Who is this.”asked a large dark brown tom.”Sharp’s son.Sharp was training him to live on The Stretch,alone.”said the tom named Flagpost.”My name is Flame.”Flame murmered.”Welcome Flamekit!” yelled the dark brown tom.

Flamepaw woke up ready for his assessment.Hareheart ran over to him.”Time to hunt!”he said.
Flamepaw shook moss off his pelt and ran after him.Flagpost’s untrusting gaze rested on him.Hareheart led him to the hunting grounds.

Flamepaw sat under highrock ready for the ceremony.”Flamepaw step forwards.I name you Flameclaw.”Piestar said.He touched his head with his nose and Flameclaw’s eyes flew open and he saw a red tabby tom on highrock.
The Clan started cheering though Flagpost seemed to be hesitating.He then started cheering.

Flameclaw led the patrol through the moor.His sister Nightheart walked over to him.She smiled.He smiled back.”Hey Flameclaw!I thought we were patrolling, not watching the grass grow!”snarled Henry.
Flameclaw spun around.”And I thought you were a calm cat!I think we’re both wrong now!”he yelled.Henry was about to snap back when his mate,Clearsight calmed him down.
A group of rogues came over.”Hah!Look Blaze!It’s the Clan cats!I told you that they would come!”yelled a young black tom with red eyes.A older amber tom walked up.
“Nightshade,these cats did nothing to you.”Blaze said.”But remember you sister?Pride!”yelled Nightshade.”Oh yeah!Do you know a golden blue eyes tom?”asked Blaze.The patrol murmered for a few moments.
“Yes,and we’ll take you to him.”

Flameclaw led Blaze into camp.Blaze became ąlert when he saw Flagpost.”What did you do with her?”yelled Blaze.”I will discuss this with you and Piestar in private.Come.”said Flagpost calmly.Henry turned to Flameclaw.”Why did you bring him here?”snarled Henry.
“Excuse me?He only did what was right!”Nightheart snarled at Henry.Clearsight’s black pelt flashed as she dashed over.”Henry stop!”she yelled.
“Fine.”said the brown tom.Flameclaw smiled.Clearsight was always against Henry’s arguments.Nightheart leaped at Flameclaw.

Flameclaw saw Nightheart run out of camp.The fox was still out there.He ran after her and found her body.He picked her up.Nightheart was just barely clinging to life.
He dropped her in the middle of camp. ”Flameclaw....can...not...be...trusted…” she gasped.
Flameclaw ran out of camp.His mother was dead.Father banished.Sister dead.Flagpost slowly padded towards him.”I
know you hate me and I feel the same way about you...but she wasn’t really your sister.”Flagpost said.”I know.I just wanted it so bad- wait why am I confessing everything to you!”snarled Flameclaw leaping up and dashing away.

Flameclaw led Anisetoe and the rest of the rebellion to the new home.Blaze and Nightshade had decided to come too.Turtleshell was dragging Ravenpaw along.
Anisetoe nuzzled him and purred.Flagstar would regret the day that he had exiled Flameclaw.
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