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How to come out as a furry.

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Here is how to “come out” as a furry. I know it’s in the FanFiction style, but it is not FanFiction!

    Technique 1: Making it obvious.
    You can come out without literally saying “I am a furry”. You can draw furry art, wear cat paws, leave furry sites open accidentally-on-purpose. This is how I did it. Wait for someone to ask if you are a furry. When they do, say yes, and now you are out of closet! I like to draw furry art a LOT. I never said the word “fursona”, however I have one character I always draw, that has a name and a personality. I own some cat paws I wear in a daily basis. I watch Sonic the Hedgehog and Zootopia so much. How could I not be a furry!
    Technique 2: Use the word.
    Use the word “furry”, but don’t say you are one. “Hey, want to see my FURRY art?” “Here’s my FURSONA.” “That FURSUIT is so cute!” Make a good image for furries so that people (particularly parents) know furries as fans of anthro characters, not the stereotypical furries. Then, when you say you are a furry, they will be more accepting!
    Technique 3: Just say it.
    Turn on furry YouTube on phone. Take a deep breath. “Mom, I think I’m a furry.” “What does that mean?” “These people.” (Shows video) “ They are fans of animals with human characteristics. They have conventions, and they make their own anthro characters, called fursonas.” Describe the bare minimum of what a furry is. Now they know, and they don’t know the stereotypes.

    I hope this helps you come out,

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5 days ago
UwU, yes they are. Also, I don’t have a fursuit yet, but I’m going to buy one soon. Yeah I hate when emails do that.
8 days ago
Btw I got my dad to buy me stuff from Hyena Agenda and he still gets emails from them and im freaking out.. Don't have fursuit yet :(
8 days ago
Tbh people are 🐤 for thinking furries are bad lol
9 days ago
Thanks. Finally some furries on all the tests.
9 days ago
that is pretty cool. i am a furry too.
23 days ago
Hahahahahahaha!!!!! At the description I meant Becca🦊🖤, not Becca🦊🥪!!