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Why Does She?

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Why does ____ do this?

Why does she hurt when she wants to?
If I could I get back, I'd get through.
I feel like she just wants me alone,
All pain, no strength.
Why does she use us?
Is it because we work hard?
She hates us since we're poor?
Can we only impress her if we were rich?
We don't have millions,
We can't even afford $850 a month.
Why does she do that?
Her selfish mind.
It makes me cry.
I wish she could just care,
Like a loving family member.
But you love them instead.
I cry when I'm in your room,
Because I've seen that picture on the wall.
If you are so blessed why do you not care?
When you first came here,
I couldn't wait.
But you were just a plain *.
You should've cared.
You live in our house but you can't help.
You don't even leave the couch.
You "wash" the dishes and WE should be thankful?
You weren't there when I almost died.
You weren't there when I needed help.
Remember 2011? The time you almost lost me yet you STILL love them more.
If you even love me.
Such a loving saint you are.
You act like you are queen.
You always want attention.
But what about me?
I'm in the shadows.
That kid over there.
Why don't you even care.
I would get back at you if it weren't elderly abuse.
But shouldn't people think about child abuse?
You weren't there when that happened to your son.
I bet you didn't love him,
Especially at that time.
I thought I loved you,
But you turned out to be disrespectful.
I thought you loved me.
But instead I'm trash.
Is it because my body type?
How poor we are?
My voice?
I want to get back.
It's worse than I describe it.
Why does she hate me?

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15 days ago
Yeah but I don't think you'd wanna be published because it's a lot of work!
16 days ago
That's cool Maddy
17 days ago
Just thought it might help
17 days ago
Hey so there's this app I use and I write stories and poems and if it's good you can get published and make money. I haven't been published yet but I think you could try it. It's actually two apps : inkitt and inkitt beta the beta one you write with.
17 days ago
Aww well im not staying on allthetests but good luck!
17 days ago
All of this is my grandma that treats us like trash