♥️First Period Test ♥️

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So before you take this quiz I want you to remember a few things:
One: Please keep all comments kind and sweet on every quiz. It takes a while to make these quizzes and all these people are taking their time to help people. But I do kinda want your opinion on my quizzes so if you want to tell me somethings that need improvement please feel free I will not be offended but think before you do that to just anyone.
Two: Please do not email me. Please.
Three: Periods are beautiful not pleasing to the eye beautiful but beautiful because they show womanhood and the ability to bare children.
Four: Periods are part of womanhood and one thing nobody should ever have to fear and hide from is who they are.

  • 1
  • 2
    How old was your mom when she got her period?
  • 3
    How much do you weigh... sorry.

  • 4
    Have you recently had a growth spurt?
  • 5
    This might be awkward....
    Do you have breasts?
  • 6
    What bra size are you in?

  • 7
    How long have you had breasts?
  • 8
    Do you get discharge?
    Goop in your undies?
  • 9
    How much discharge do you get?
  • 10
    Do you get arm/leg hair

  • 11
    Do you get pubic hair?
  • 12
    Do you have arm pit hair?
  • 13
    How many of the following do you have?
    1. Acne
    2 . Greasy skin
    3. Greasy hair
    4. Fatigue
    5. Moodiness
    6. Nausea
    7. Bloating
    8. Cramps
    9. Headaches
    10. Tender breasts
    11. Cravings
    12. Aches
  • 14
    Do you crush more often?
  • 15
    Do you get cramps?

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114 days ago
What on earth does it mean " eat pinapple " how does that speed up the process. Also who would want there period anyway!
178 days ago
I literally haven't be on this site in almost two years and randomly decided to look at some old quizzes I made!

First off I made this quiz when I was twelve I had just gotten my period. Most of my knowledge literally came from quizzes themselves and YouTube. Lol. I have no idea how accurate this quiz is.

But it never hurts to be prepared.
Pack an emergency kit. Tampons, pads, quarters, ziploc bag, extra underwear, pantyliners, wet wipes, etc.

Watch Marissa Rachel. She prepared me.

If you have an older sister or friend who has a period it can be SUPER helpful to get some basic health and period knowledge from them.

Wouldn't wear white lol.
And try and learn more about periods.

There's nothing to be scared about periods are a normal thing we all go through!
Good luck!
185 days ago
0-4 MONTHS?!?!?!?!?
i am excited but also sorta scared. any tips?
301 days ago
I got my period on my nine th birthday.
569 days ago
I think they should add a option for ace/aro people who are doing this quiz
684 days ago
No offence to however created this but its quite inaccurate. So I put mine in and it said 1+ years then to experiment I put no on every question and got 1+ years
688 days ago
Use this: https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1618847019/A-safe-place-for-venting
693 days ago
Don’t believe helper of periods it’s a 6 year old. Also, talk to me if you have period problems.
693 days ago
For an accurate reading of when you will get your first period, come here and answer the questions and I will answer. for anything period related come here!


693 days ago
Jen, your likely to get it at 14. Pack an emergency kit and bring it every public place you go to. Tell your parents and doctor about what you wrote.
693 days ago
Estimate me please:

so basically my sis got hers at 15/14 other 16, my mom, 17 ish so I got black stuff on my undies and my mom said it a mini period flo says my period will be delayed for this week when I haven't even got my first one and my pals say I'll get it at 15 WHO DO I BELIEVE? Please answer by including my name. Please help IDK when it's coming I have ASD and SA and I'm depressed help. I weigh a bit more than 122 pounds and I'm about 5'6. I have an AA bra size that is about 10 cm, and my pubic hair is thigh to thigh I think, like a bush. I don't have leg or arm hair, but I get a few strands of curly black hair that I shave every day. When I do exercise my discharge is a lot of yellow, when I don't it's white or clear and a few drops. I'm 13.5. I have trouble controlling my behaviour because I have trouble listening. Quizzes say around 5 months but I want your advice. Please respond by putting my name and number.
747 days ago
Hi! Could someone estimate me please?

Age: 13.5

Weight: around 100 pounds

Height: 5’4’’

Breast: 3 out of 5

Pubic hair: mostly full, bushy, curly spreads thighs to thigh

Armpit hair: dark brown, large amount, starting to curl, have to shave every couple days.

Arm and leg hair: a lot of blonde hair like my head. Don’t have to shave a lot since it will always be blonde

Discharge: Medium amount of it clear, get it every day. Had it for over a year

Mood: moody, the smallest of things made me upset 2/7 days a week

Spotting: I had 3 small dots of blood that were smaller than a dot of pencil... I think it is spotting

Age of Mom when she got first period: 14

Cramps: none I Don’t think. I could be mistaking them for indigestion

Cravings: Not sure because I always eat like this lol

Other symptoms: very tired recently and lazy.

I have taken so many quizzes about this they all said anywhere from now-6 months. Usually saying 2 months or less. Someone please estimate me!! I feel like commenting is more effective than taking a quiz that is not that personalized. Some are but some aren’t. Thanks!
747 days ago
dose anyone have any tips and i don't have dischage and im 10-
747 days ago
mine said 7-12 months but no spotting but I do have boob's on stage 4 so uhm I don't know i'm taking so many quizes about boob's and my period so i'm vary scared
755 days ago
hey guys so i made a quiz too and it would be awesome if some of you could take it (if you don't have your period of course) i did use my real name for the quiz i just don't do that in the comments. the quiz is called If You're Wondering: Period Quiz for Girls
pls take it thanks so much
761 days ago
it said 0-4 months so i’m coming back when it comes :)
801 days ago
7-12 months not TOO far. If you really want it to come sooner have some pineapple. But since in less than a year you'll likely to be marching off to womanhood, if you just wanna enjoy your childhood, go for it!
806 days ago
i did this quiz yesterday and got 4-7 months and on other quizzes i usually get anytime soon!
i got my first period TODAY though...
i'm only 11 at the end of January...
818 days ago
Merry Christmas Everyone
819 days ago
@tia no 8 is not too young at all. It can be that early by heredity, hormones, etc. But if no one has had it that early, talk to your doctor or mom about it, it may be serious