Hermoine's Casual day

You Pick her decisions!

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    It's Time to go to bed but you forgot to study for potions! What do you do?
  • 2
    In the morning you get your things to go to potions but no ones there, You decide to go find them, Where do you search first?
  • 3
    You Look in the place you chose and they are not there, You here a deep voice and follow it to ask questions, You find the whole school there. You...

  • 4
    A Teacher calls your name and hands you a letter all of your friends ( Harry, Ginny,, and Ron) ask who you got. You tear open the envelope and read the name, It says Draco Malfoy You..
  • 5
    You eventually stop crying and walk to the room you are sharing with Malfoy, when you peer inside its beautiful and you go to the red bed which lies a suitcase with your name on it, Malfoy walks in and grumbles, you...
  • 6
    Draco runs off and then its dinner you decide you need to go get him you...

  • 7
    Once you find him, he is crying so you sit beside him and gently stroke his back, he looks up and says he has changed, you believe him, and get sad that you said that to him and cry into his chest for a while and miss dinner, when you stop he tries to kiss you, ....
  • 8
    You first tell ginny everything, then Harry, then Ron. Ron gets so mad he leaves and tries to find him, harry chases after him. Which leaves you and Ginny there, Ginny tells you a horrid thing she says...
  • 9
    When you go to sleep Draco Malfoy walks into the room, he sees you and grins slightly then falls asleep in his bed your thoughts are...
  • 10
    The next day... There were no classes going on, at breakfast there was a letter in front of each person that said " Today is the day you get to know your partner" Your stomach growls and you take a bight of...

  • 11
    Once your one with breakfast you go back to your room and say "Ferret" (The passcode you made up) the door swung open and you walked inside to brush your teeth again, not noticing something was following you, more like someone draco sneaks up behind you to jumpscare you, Then asks you where you want to go.
  • 12
    You Both talk, and laugh, then decide to take a walk around the school you never touched each other though (On purpose), once you finished it was lunch you sat besides Giny and told her what you did, you both were very tired of your day and when dinner time came something flew in for all the boys, what is it?...
  • 13
    The teacher called all the boys out of the room and had them chose a ring but id not show us and hid it, you decide that you are very tired and go to bed and dream of the engagement ring and what it looks like...
  • 14
    It's almost december and you have been on many dates with Draco. Ron was to busy to even think about them, with his girlfriend violet. You and draco Have kissed once or twice and you liked it even more when you kissed ron. Your mind has changed about him and you have been his girlfriend for 3 months now, One night when you where on a date he engages to you . You where in...
  • 15
    The ring as beautiful and you gave him a big hug. The news that you were the first couple engaged went out to everyone in a letter, Harry and Ginny were happy for you but Ron on the other hand was furious and yelled at You and draco, Draco stood up to him and acted like a Heroin. You got a letter that said you where to be married on Christmas, Pregnant by June, and Have at least 3 kids. you...
  • 16
    Your Birthday was on December 3rd and you turned 24, you had your own Home now and had a party at it with...

  • 17
    It was Christmas and you and Draco just got married, Ron didn't go to the wedding which made you disappointed, but you were still happy you were married. Someone Gave you a Present it was...
  • 18
    June was coming up and you still weren't pregnant yet... Ginny and Harry had gotten Married but Ron and Violet Where still engaged. You and Draco decided it was time she was pregnant so they had skipped...
  • 19
    You had gotten pregnant On July 21st. And You and Draco Were very excited even though you had to go to the doctor frequintaley, and Craved many foods...
  • 20
    You Had 1 boy and you named him Benny, and another little boy named after Snape (Draco named him Snape Junior) Professor Snape was very pleased.
    You finally had a little girl and Draco Named her first Name Vivy (After Violet) and her middle name Ginny (After Ginny) You and Draco Where very proud when your Oldest child...

  • 21
    Soon all of your children where at hogwarts, Vivy had got chosen for Gryffindor, and Snape Jr. had Got chosen for Hufflepuff. You and your husband...
  • 22
    You Taught History of Magic at Hogwarts
    Draco worked at...

  • 23
    You and Draco Have a nice life but Nobody has seen ron in a very long time not even His wife Violet
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