LGBTQIA+ test(boys)

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If You are confused, like really, take this

  • 1
    Do you saw a same-sex person and find them cute?
  • 2
    Do You found a opposite-sex cute?
  • 3
    If a same-sex person that looks wonderful kiss you, what will You do

  • 4
    If a opposite-sex person that look good, what You do?
  • 5
    If a your best same sex friend tells you that them are gay and them like you, what you will do
  • 6
    Imagine that you are in the gym shower and someone of same sex came in your cabin and stare at you. They are beautiful, very beautiful. What you do?

  • 7
    If your girl classmate that is hot tells you that she like you what will you do. She is bi
  • 8
    You find a sugar daddy. He want some seggz and a little bit of affection, but gives LOTS of money. What you do
  • 9
    If you find a sugar mommy that wants some d**k and some kisses, but gives LOTS of money, what you do
  • 10
    If your male teen teacher that is very very VERYYYYY HOT ask you to go at his house to make "extra lessons" and he tell you he finds you hot and wanna have xxx with you, what you do

  • 11
    What do you think you are

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