Does vinny like ya story!


    Vinny pulls you in bed and kisses ya* you: ...... Vinny: whats wrong ;-; you: nothing Vinny: oh okie? You: I'm going to sleep Vinny: your not get
    Vinny pulls you in bed and kisses ya* you: ...... Vinny: whats wrong ;-; you: nothing Vinny: oh okie? You: I'm going to sleep Vinny: your not getting sleep tonight ;) me: KID FRIENDLY JEEZ in the morning:3 you: makes food hey vin Vinny: wot? you: can I have a talk with ya? Vin: uhm sure you: talks about trash suff and shit ;-; me: hey Y/N you: hey ace me: do you want to help me a Scott get his first girl lenny face lol you: ofc!

    Soo Scott ya ready? Scott no me: to late! You: lenny face you guys are cute together:3 me: hell no hes annoying as hell ring ring::( me: CRY ALL YOU WANT I DONT GIVE A FUCK you: stop being mean hugs ring ring ring ring::)me: don't touch him:) you: uh okie? Ring ring: welp bye I'm going to mike;-; me: 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 you: STOP me: okie now go see your pev boi you: fine -- but he will do something:( me: idc now go pls you: fine

    Mike: fuck yall me: what did I do? Mike: nothing lmaO me::/ smol bean comes: hey cookie... Me: yes? Smol: uh vin wants ya me: uh okie walks to pev boi uh what vin: kisses meh me: hell nah scoTt you: lol ME: KIMMMMMM Kim: WHO DID THAT TO MEH SMOL BEAN? everyone: 👉👉👉👉 vin: wow Kim: READY TO GET A NEEDLE
    Vin: NOOOO scot: grabs tea UvU me: hugs ring ring: wha- nvm hugs

    Btw this might get Dirty


    You: hey cookie me: what? Scott leave her alone cuddles me: scott....- ring ring: oops me: YEA oops you: imma just- mike: yall just so me: shsuh pls Mike: hell no me: IM NOT PLAYING THESE GAMES Mike: fine vin: hey Y/N want toast? you: sure me: welp yall going to be stuck in a room for 24 hour! And some peeps will come vin: uh ok? You: -- me: UvU you: sooo what now? Vi: N: idk scott hello! Vin: ....hello ring ring..... Me: shush pls Mike: WHY DO I HAVE TO BE HERE me: don't be a asshole Mikey mike: nah me: whatever anyway t or d vin Vinny: dare ;) 😏😏😏😏 me: I dare you to kiss Y/N lol you: ;-; vin: kisses you: pushs out if meh face vin: what happened love? Me: shut up now vin: make me ;) me: scottY ring ring: its okie me: -- okie mike: t or d fat boi fat boi: dare I dare you to stop eating for a day UnU boi: ez scott: hmm t or d cookie me: dare Scott: I dare you to kiss meh me: no moveing on Scott: crys sadly why are we here to suffer:( me: okie now what hmm watch a movie or something- vin: want to watch a movie in bed ;) you: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh kicks him where the sun don't shine UnU vin: takes you anyway okie this might get dirty so ye

    Puts you on the bed undress ya starts to ya know:> You: ahhhh~ vin: kisses ya lol vin...~ I love ya vin: I do to ;) picks you up and down you: not there!~ vin: ;) vin: puts your whatever you have on vin kisses you vin: let's go love!~ you trys to walk me: heard moaning I'm scared:( Scott: it's fine dear puts meh on his lap mike: I don't give a fuck tho smol bean: hugs mike mike: awww me: SO NOW YOUR NICE HUH MIKE HUH? Mike: SHUT THE FUCK UP me: crys:( welp next day FOOD! Vin: ya still can't walk huh? You: yea vin: maybe later more ;) me: DONT TOUCH THE CHILD HITS AND KICKS BISH DONT YOU EVER DIE COIVD 19 UvU

    7 mins in haven scott hugs meh and that's it bYe

    Scott likes ya I will kill you:) you guys start kissing me: grabs kinfe

    Wow you got pev

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