What stage of breast growth am I in?

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Are you a girl just starting puberty and curious what stage of breast growth you’re in? This is for you!

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    Are your breasts looking fuller than they did a couple of months ago?

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302 days ago
Other quizzes said my (.)(.) are stage 3 but this one says mine are stage 2?
376 days ago
same, anybody else relate to admiring yourself before showering in the mirror, like you just stand there and basically model. it really helps with self love too
413 days ago
My cherries are my favourite body part and my bum bum
477 days ago
It says I’m at stage 3 but my 🍒 have been the same size for 2 years and look developed?? Wth please explain??
534 days ago
The test is kinda inaccurate beacause it said i started months ago and i started 2 years ago.
541 days ago
The test said I was stage 2.But I kinda feel like my other breast bud is growing because now both of my nipples are sore.I believe by the time I get my other breast bud I will already have a small breast.And I think by then I will be in stage 3.So this is kinda inaccurate.
562 days ago
Stage2 ‘budding’
I’ve literally had my chest growing for 2 years and a few months now- really inaccurate. All my family’s females have small chests so this is far into it for my dna. This test literally just focuses on size, like there are adults that are completely flat-
591 days ago
The test said I started budding a couple of months ago, but in reality I have been budding for 1 and a half years now.
638 days ago
This is so not true it says I'm in stage two but I'm in like 4 or 3
665 days ago
I would say suggest buying a Training bra as your breast are filling out and require a bit of support , it feels tender as of the skin pulling and changing from its natural form to help with the hormones going through you.

I would like to inform you that you have started puberty as ' Breast development' is a huge sign and be more likely to have other physical changes of puberty such as :

Getting Pubic /underarm /leg hair
Growth Sprout
Signs of 😍l Discharge soon leading to your First Period.

Good luck :D
And these changes are natural.
683 days ago
I’m 10 and my 🍒 are kinda triangley(?) and it has been growing like an in a week and I have 🍒 buds (BIG ones) and it hurts to press my🍒 but I haven’t started my period or puberty of anything should I ask for a training bra?
700 days ago
💝 yay 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
700 days ago
Wit just happened???????????????????????????????? ?????
700 days ago
🚔 🚔
Breasts 🚔 🚔 ya
700 days ago
It said iim stage 2 I'm stage4
715 days ago
…it says I’m in stage 2 and probably developed a couple months ago. Girl, I first got buds 1 and a half years ago,,,,
808 days ago
I'm budding! Makes sense because i'm only just 10
814 days ago
It says stage 2 I have been growing them for like 2 years lol
885 days ago
Mate im not 'buds' im srage 5 im waering a size under my mom!!!
891 days ago
On question 8 they need to add the option of “i don’t know” bc i don’t know when my moms breast started to devolve.