True or False? Internet Edition

This is the true or false, internet edition.

  • 1
    E-mail is used to communicate over the Internet.
  • 2
    A browser is a software program for getting information from the WWW.
  • 3
    Download means to copy a file from your computer to another.

  • 4
    Gopher organizes information on the Internet using a system of menus.
  • 5
    ISP stands for Internet Service Protocol.
  • 6
    Hypertext is a text with many images and sounds.

  • 7
    HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
  • 8
    Network is a group of computers set up to communicate with one another.
  • 9
    FTP is a means of transferring fun pages from one computer to another.
  • 10
    Decode the following with a decryption tool to find what you must select: f8320b26d30ab433c5a54546d21f414c

    Hint: this hash is either an MD5 hash, or a SHA-1 hash code.

    Decryption tool for MD5:

    Find your SHA-1 decryption tools.

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