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Are we compatible

If you score below 60% get out of my life.

  • 1
    Animals are a gift from heaven and also get to sleep in the bed and are allowed on the couch.
  • 2
    Macaroni and cheese is the best food on earth.
  • 3
    It is important to be able to make fun of each other.

  • 4
    Flirting is okay as long as it’s nothing more.
  • 5
    It’s okay to lie to protect someone’s feelings.
  • 6
    You can’t go out and have fun without your S/O.

  • 7
    Talking on the phone is fun.
  • 8
    Adrian is the boss.
  • 9
    It is important to compromise.
  • 10
    It is okay for someone to complain and be grumpy when they have a bad day.

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