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Warriors life story ( For she-cats )

60.94 % of users had this result: Dandelionleaf- Mate: Eagleflight Kits: Tumblekit, Violetkit, Sunpelt, Acornheart Mother: Briarheart, father: Birchstar Littermate: Snowpool Cause of death: Cliffstream and fire. Kits/apprentice- You were born to the Clan leader and his mate, and have one littermate (she-cat our tom). You were apprenticed to Dustclaw to calm your energy and/or excitement. You always snuck out and never got caught. You shared the closeness no one ever had with your littermate. Warriors- You warm up to Eagleflight and do everything together. Eventually, you get in an argument with him and go your separate ways. You then warm up to your close friend, Cliffstream, and Eagleflight becomes super cold and rude to you both. You and Eagleflight apologize and make up, becoming mates. Cliffstream gets quite jealous and tries to hurt you in any way possible. Eagleflight welcomes a kittypet named Violet and warms up to him while you become slightly jealous. Finally, the kittypet leaves and you two become friends again. Eventually, you and Eagleflight have a litter of kits named: Sunkit, Acornkit, Tumblekit, and Violetkit. ( named after kittypet) two dies and two live, becoming a warrior and one medicine cat. Your mate becomes deputy, and when your father/leader dies, he appoints you as his deputy. Death- You die protecting your kits and mate from a fire while trying to escape. Cliffstream confronts you into the fire, stating he is still angry with you for not choosing him. you sacrifice yourself, stalling him while your mate a kits escape. You wake up later in the medicine den and see your mate standing over you. Your lasts words are: “keep them safe.” Then you die. Afterlife- You are welcomed in StarClan by your littermate: Snowpool. You watch your former mate overcome his grieving and your kits turn into fine warriors and medicine cats. Cliffstream had gotten banished from the Clan by Eaglestar when the leader told the rest of the Clan how he’d killed you. Eventually, Eaglestar lost his last life and joined you in StarClan. THE END.

8.59 % of users had this result: Sunnypelt- Mate: Woodtuft Kits: Appleheart, Crowflight, Leafpelt. Mother: Willowleaf father: Hawkflight Littermates: Bristleclaw and Rootfur Cause of death: battle Apprenticeship and kithood- You were the leader of your littermates (in a good way). You were apprenticed to the leader who was deputy then, and never disobeyed. You were a loyal, strong apprentice until you earned your warrior name. Warrior- You get a mate- Woodtuft. You do everything together, hunt, patrol, etc. you have two litters of kits: Applekit in the first, and Crowkit and Leafkit in the second. Leafkit decides to train as a medicine cat. Your leader appoints your deputy and dies shortly after. You earn you 9 lives from StarClan and your name: Sunnystar. Death- You die peacefully, in battle saving your kits. You join Woodtuft in StarClan and live romantically together. THE END

23.44 % of users had this result: Hollystem- Mate: Pinewhisker Kits: Stemwhisker Mother: Sandpelt father: Lionstorm Littermates: Foxleap and Adderheart Cause of death: not healing your own wounds Kithood and apprenticeship- You liked to follow yo littermates lead. You became medicine cat apprentice, to Blossomshine. You were kind and caring and never got impatient. Medicine cat- You served your Clan well until you met a SkyClan cat: Pinewhisker. You fell in love and met secretly at the border. Blossomshine found out and told you to stop. You ran away with Pinewhisker and had one kit: Stemwhisker named after you both. You came back to your Clan, claiming that you found the kit. No one knew you’d gone off with Pinewhisker. Death- You died after a battle when Blossomshine was dead and you needed to tend to other's wounds. Your former mentor welcomed you in StarClan. THE END

7.03 % of users had this result: Spotclaw- Your just evil. There’s nothing else to say...well except you die from banishment. Hehe, I’m so evil!