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Your Warriors life! (She cats only!) Long results!

26.96 % of users had this result: Echo Star Rank: Leader Clan: Breeze Clan Mother: Fern Song Dad: Frozen` Bite sister: Dew Snap Mate: Tiger Leap App: Hazel paw Echo Star: A black and white she with amber eyes Background info: Echo kit was made an app when she was 2 moons since her leader was evil! The evil leader was Quill Star! He was your mentor. When you finally became a warrior (Echo Steam) you became deputy since Quill star trusted you. one night you killed Quill star in battle. Nobody noticed so you became leader. You didn't believe in Star clan. Soon you had kits but gave them to your sister since you were busy. Your oldest kit, Fang kit, got mad so when he was a warrior: Fang Snarl, he attacked you making Gorge Leaf (your dep) the leader. Soon Fang Snarl was deputy. You were sent to the Dark Forest.

27.65 % of users had this result: Lost Pool Rank: Med Clan: Root Clan App: Brook Paw Mother: Bumble Shine Father: Hare Tail Brothers: StemFur and LichenClaw Sister: Needle Paw Background info: Lost kit was a sleek silver she with blue eyes. You were made into a Med app at 7 moons. Your mentor: Juniper Flight was really proud of you! Soon when you were Lost Paw you had a crush on a cat from another clan: Thorn Muzzle. 1. You are a med you can't! 2. He is in a rival clan! You met him in private until you got your med name: Lost Pool! You had kits secretly giving them to Bumble Shine (your mother) Nobody knew. Soon you received an app: Ginger paw! You were hit by a monster! You were greeted in star clan by your youngest kit who died of green cough: Willow kit!

45.39 % of users had this result: Fawn Mist (A very pretty brown she) Rank: Elder Mother: Night ` Runner (dead) Father: Dark Tooth (dead) Sister: Kink Feather Former App: Hare Paw Clan: Former root but now Breeze Clan Fawn Mist ( A young warrior) was always talking about toms. Web Paw and Snake Tail was crushing on you! Although your eyes were set on a tom from Breeze Clan: Bushy Heart. You met in private then you were pregnant! You decided to move the breeze clan leaving Hare paw (your app) to Snake Tail who hated you. A battle came and you killed Snake Tail, Dark Tooth, and Web Graze. Your kits all died during birth except 1 she: Song kit When the song kit became Song Hiss she died of food poisoning. You attacked your mate knowing it was him. You pounced on him clawing his face off until he was dead. You remain as the oldest elder today.