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Shorts: An Intro to Deathchaser

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Is Deathchaser confusing? YUP. Here's a bit of info that may help.

    Tribe: NightWing

    Mother: Unknown, adopted by Visiontalons

    Father: Unknown, no father

    Sisters: Karma, Acapella, Starsignal, and Prophecykeeper

    Brother: Unknown

    Looks: Deep black and dark blue scales, with the patterns of constellations dotting her scales. Her horns are dangerously curved.

    Likes: Her group in the NightWings, Prophecykeeper, risk, and protecting others.

    Hates: Phoenix, MudWings (for obvious reasons), and animus dragons (she thinks they are very dangerous).

    Is Deathchaser based off a real person: Yup. One of my friends is very sweet but will do anything for her family and friends.

    Hope this helped a little!

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