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Couples quiz

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Quiz for couples exploring

  • 1
    Have you ever been sexually attracted to another person besides your partner?
  • 2
    If your partner wanted a hall pass you would say
  • 3
    Of your partner was with someone else, what would be off limits

  • 4
    What would you want to to do during a threesome?
  • 5
    I want to watch my partner _________ while I watch
  • 6
    If you had a threesome it would be because

  • 7
    What do you think your partner would enjoy during a threesome
  • 8
    Would you enjoy an orgy
  • 9
    If you were in bed with someone else without your partner you would
  • 10
    Would you ever try an an open or non-monogamous relationship with your partner

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