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If you need girl advice, just need a girl to talk to, or you're having girl troubles come to me! I'm a girl and have amazing advice. if you don't need just girl advice I give advice about EVERYTHING.

    THIS IS THE PAGE FOR GIRL ADVICE! or any other advice.
    no making fun of anyone
    express you're selves
    its ok to vent

    that's all the rules, time to get advice!

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54 days ago
@blue orchid
did she tell you she is straight, did she say she is irritated by u? if not ask!!
66 days ago
Hey! I have a crisis! I think I have a crush on this girl, she is super cute and funny. But I don't know if she is irritated by me. And she is definitely straight so I can't tell her about my feelings.
105 days ago
i hope u read the friend chat
so how can you help me like what should i do next
106 days ago
yeah he broke up with me but now i am dating someone else
108 days ago
btw a lot has happened please check the friends chat for most of the updates

how is yoir boyfriend
109 days ago
sry i have been so busy with so much stuff, sorry doesn't even cut it, but i feel bad and miss u
114 days ago
where r u guys
im really lonely
145 days ago
is anyone here cozthis 🕊 bich is bored
148 days ago
hi guys!!
165 days ago
hi wow you are sooooooooo lucky.
165 days ago
hey kia im sry i havent beeen here i miss u so much, i got a boyfriend!!
174 days ago
hiiiiiiiii i am here
174 days ago
hiiiiii anyone herrererererererer
176 days ago
sry kia. i wish i could have been here more but i've been really busy with school... and writing my book! so whats happening!?
176 days ago
anyone there???????????
180 days ago
is anyone there??????????
184 days ago
And here is another club, if any of you want to have period estimations!

184 days ago
@unicorn girl hey, I figured out how to make a club. If you or anybody else is interested, it's called "Future Authors Club," and here is the site:

184 days ago
@Unicorn girl, happy birthday soon! I turn 14 on the first day of March. What's crazy is that my best friend is only 3 days older than me! (Four on leap year.) Ane yes, I am the same Buttershy from "Our own period club." I looked up this sight! How do you make one of these clubs?
185 days ago
Awww yay have a happy birthday (soon:-)✨