The Moby-moo-cow Madness Test

Hello and welcome to the Moby-moo-cow madness test, with me, the one and only Moby-moo-cow. Do you want to know once and for all whether people think your boring, or a total nutcase? Or maybe you just wanna laugh yourself silly. Whatever you want, find out here! just take this simple test!

Question 1:What would you most likely wear to your best friend's party?
Something comfortable and cute
Something to make the boys/girls drool
A big purple lampshade and a cukoo clock
Question 2:What do you look for in a partner?
Someone who loves you for who you are
Someone with the perfect body...mmmmm
Anyone who can turn into a fish spontaneously
Question 3:What is most important to you out of the following?
All my family and friends
My tasty lover
My magic mongoose, BoBo.
Question 4:What is your ideal holiday destination?
Somewhere fun and hot, like Spain
Ibiza, so many single guys/girls!!!
The moooooooooon!
Question 5:How many close friends do you have?
Only a few, but they're really close
Oooh, lets see, eight nine...
Only my fish Groggy and the gang of magic camels.
Question 6:What are your favourite colours?
Yellow, orange, pink.
Red red red red!!!
Question 7:Have you ever had a pet who you were very close to?
Yes, lots. I love all animals.
No...i prefer humans to animals.
Yes! Wobby my flying ostrich!
Question 8:What do you do at the weekend?
I stay at home, take it easy.
I crack open the can of spray cream and go and meet one of my boyfriends!
I dance around singing madly with all my camel buddies, and then pop down to the swimming pool for a good old drink!
Question 9:Have you ever read any self-help books?
Yes, I often read them.
Not unless they include sex.
Only one, called 'How to swallow your face.'
Question 10:What do you think of this test?
It was great fun!
Not enough love scenes.
It tasted like chicken!!

This Quiz has been designed by Moby-moo-cow.