Do they Like you?

Always wondering your crush also has a thing for you? Well there is only one way to find out. Take this quiz to find out the truth

Question 1:Why does he/she call you?
To ask you about last night's math homework
To ask you for your best friends phone number
He doesn't call.
Just to talk

Question 2:Do they flirt with members of the opposite sex?
Only when a really hot one walks by
Yes....but it's always me!!
I think he/she is gay...

Question 3:How many dates have you been on?
only 1....and their friends were with us too
we prefer to do things as a group
one....and it was a disaster!
lots....I lost count at 10

Question 4:If you were on a date and his/her friends showed up, what would he/she do
Say hello, but stay with you the rest of the night
Ask all of them to join you....
Leave and start making out with your best friend

Question 5:Has he/she ever told you he liked you?
Nope..I don't even think he knows I exist
Yeah...but I think it was as a dare
Yes...but it was 3 years ago
Yes....just yesterday
No....he's going out with my best friend

Question 6:What does he/she do when the 2 of you are alone?
Talks about his/her ex.
Ignores you
He looks deep into you eyes and lightly kisses you
Just makes small talk

Question 7:Does he/she always end up beside you?

Question 8:What would he/she do if you ran into them in the mall
Say a quick hello and continue on
Give you a big hug and ask you to join him/her
Look the totally opposite way and act as if he/she doesn’t know you
Introduce you to his/her gf/bf

Question 9:Are they dating someone right now? best friend
Nope...and they are always flirting with me
No...but he/she just got out of a relationship
no...but I saw him/her making out with someone the other night

Question 10:What was the sweetest thing he/she has said to you.
Nice shirt
You look like my sister/brother
You are so beautiful/hot/sexy

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