Are you a friendly person?

So, you think your a pretty friendly person, but what do others think of you? This quiz will tell you how friendly you actually are.

Question 1:If you saw someone who was new at school/work and didn't know anyone yet, you would
ignore them
introduce yourself
start a conversation, and get to know the person
Question 2:Someone trips and everyone starts laughing. What do you do?
start laughing with everyone else
help the person up
ignore it
Question 3:If your best friend asked out a guy/girl they knew you really liked, how would you react?
get a new best friend
get revenge
act like it's okay
talk to them about it
Question 4:Someone dares you to 'accidentally' spill some water on someone, you
do it and get the person really wet
tell them to forget it
only spill some of the water so that they're not, too wet
Question 5:Have you ever given away one of your best friend's secrets that you swore you wouldn't tell anyone?
yes! a huge secret
not a big secret
Question 6:How would your friends describe you?
a sweetheart
Question 7:How would you describe yourself?
a sweetheart
Question 8:How do you act in big crowds?
I'm quiet
I'm loud
I'm talkative, but not to loud
Question 9:Are you outgoing?
Question 10:How many friends do you have?
more than the first two answers

This Quiz has been designed by Erica.