How well do you know the movie stars? Everything from Brad Pitt to Cameron Diaz is HERE!

Hope you have fun answering these questions! Be sure to know your sources if you want to succeed!

Question 1:In the movie 'Charlie Angels', who was known for the 'Butt dance'?
Drew Barrymore
Lucy Liu
Cameron Diaz
Question 2:In the movie 'Valentines', Page real name was?
Carmen Electra
Pamela Anderson
Denise Richards
Question 3:The main guy in 'Big Daddy', was?
Jim Carey
Eddie Murphy
Adam Sandler
Question 4:Who is currently Paul Walker's girlfriend?
Jamie King
Christina Ricci
Lee Lee Sobeski
Question 5:What movie earned a record-breaking box office total of 500 million dollars?
The Mummy
Fast and the Furious
Question 6:In 'Rush Hour 2', Chris Tucker(James Carter) was a?
Question 7:In 'Vanilla Sky', there were three mayor stars, who were they?
Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, & Penelope Cruise
Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, & Penelope Cruise
Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruise, & Charlie Sheen
Question 8:Who is known as an actor and a singer?
Jamie Foxx
Eddie Murphy
Will Smith
Question 9:Aaliyah's last movie is?
Queen of the Dam
Romeo Must Die
Love and Basketball
Question 10:In the movie'Doctor Dolittle 2', Lucky is a?

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