Do You Really Love Him?

So you THINK you Love this guy.. but you're not sure if you just like him a lot, or if you really Love him, right? Well.. if you're in this situation, then this is the quiz for you!

Question 1:Do you like him more when you are actually with him, or when you are alone, thinking about him?
I like him more when we are apart.
What do you mean when we are apart?! I am always with him!
I like him more when I'm with him!
I like him the same amount, together or separated!
Question 2:If someone granted you the power to change one thing about this guy, would you change anything and what would you change?
I would alter his personality- but just a little!
I wouldn't change anything about him!
I would change his looks- make him a tad bit cuter!
I might change something, but something very minor.
Question 3:So you're going out this weekend to the movies..
He asked you to go out..
You asked him- or actually, you begged him.
We always do something every weekend, we both just decided to go to the movies this weekend.
He told me that we're going to the movies, even though I'd rather do something else.
Question 4:It's been a long, hectic day, and your guy is supposed to be coming over in an hour.. you're thinking..
I wish I could just be alone tonight! Does he think he has to see me every single night?
I have to wait an entire hour?!
I have to get ready.. he'll be here soon!
It's been a long day, I think I'll call him and see if we can just get together tomorrow, he'll understand!
Question 5:You know everything about him, including..
his favorite color to his dog's name
his favorite song to his biggest fear
Um.. I think I know how old he is..
I know absolutely everything about him, and all of his brothers and sisters! Is there anything I don't know about him?
Question 6:He was suppose to meet you at the mall almost 20 minutes ago and he still hasn't showed up, you think..
He probably doesn't like me anymore.. he stood me up! :(
I hope he didn't have car trouble!
20 minutes late? That's still 10 minutes too early for him.. ha!
That jerk! I told him in plain english what time to meet me here!
Question 7:If you could do one thing with him, you would..
Go to Paris and eat at the most expensive restaurant and stay at the fanciest hotel!
Sit outside in your backyard and talk from sunset to sunrise..
Go to a theme park and ride every ride over and over again!
Go shopping for a new bra and pantie set (for you of course!)
Question 8:It's your birthday.. you expect him to..
Send you like a billion roses! DUH!
Write you a poem and play you a song on his guitar (try anyways.. it's the thought that counts)
Spend all day with you!
Buy you a diamond ring!
Question 9:He's going away for a week for an art club trip and there is a really pretty girl you know likes him that is going with them, but he already told you he doesn't like her that way. You..
Panic.. and hope he becomes sick so he can't go and stays him with you!
trust him, no biggie!
Tell him that you'd rather he not go b/c you'd miss him too much!
are a little nervous, but who wouldn't be?
Question 10:He wrote you a note, a rather sweet one, so you..
Read it over and over and over and over..
Read it once, think it's sweet.. and then fold it up and lay in on your dresser where it stays..
Read it.. and give him a huge hug and kiss and tell him how great you think he is!
Can't believe he actually wrote you a note!

This Quiz has been designed by Mary Beth.