Market Research

Test yourself on your understanding of Market Research

Question 1:What is market research?
Getting information about people
Getting information about markets
Getting information about products
Getting information about consumers
Question 2:Which kind of data are used?
Primary and Tertiary
Secondary and Tertiary
Primary and Secondary
Infants and Juniors
Question 3:Secondary data is also called ...
Field Research
Desk research
Table Research
Garden Research
Question 4:Primary data is also called
Desk Research
Table Research
Garden Research
Field Research
Question 5:Field Research is mainly done by ....
Reading Books
Question 6:The random sample survey the interviewees are selected...
from friends
from a hat
from one street
from a printed list
Question 7:The quota sample survey the interviewees are selected...
in proportion to social grades
in proportion to what they say
in proportion to what exam grades
in proportion to shoe size
Question 8:The best thing about desk research is ...
its free
its up-to date
no one else can use it
it has already been done
Question 9:The best thing about field research is ...
it's free
it has been done already
that it takes a lot if time
it provides unique, up-to-date information
Question 10:Market research is
vital to the success of a business
unimportant to business success
only carried out every twenty years
a waste if time

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