What kind of student are you?

This test will figure out what kind of student you are: a+, middle, or failure.

Question 1:You have homework to study for a math test. You:
do it the next day
study, study, study!
go shopping (you need new jeans)
Question 2:Your teachers are best described as:
What teachers?
Question 3:Books are:
Your best friend.
Question 4:What's your usual score on a test?
0% to 33%
33% to 66%
66% to 100%
Question 5:Finish this statement: 'School is'
'important if you want to get a job.'
'for kids.'
'education, which you need.'
Question 6:Your favorite subjects are:
gym, home ec., and art
all of them.
Question 7:When you get home you:
Go straight to a friend's house. Homework's not important.
Bike ride, excercise, and then do your homework.
Do your homework RIGHT AWAY.
Question 8:Your locker is full of:
books, binders, and pencils.
some binders, pens, and food.
make-up, skateboards, and stolen items.
Question 9:Teachers think of you as:
a student.
a trouble-maker.
an angel.
Question 10:In math class, you can be found:
in the washroom, doing something else...
writing and chating with a friend.
listening, writing, and smiling the whole time.

This Quiz has been designed by Mina.