Video Production Test

This test will help you understand video production.

Question 1:What is the correct kelvin temperature for interior videography?
5600 Degrees
7200 Degrees
1200 Degrees
3200 Degrees
Question 2:What is the correct exterior kelvin temperature for exterior videography?
5600 Degrees
3200 Degrees
7200 Degrees
1200 Degrees
Question 3:What does RGB signify?
Rig Ballast Grid
Right Bright Great
Ring Bing Gring
Red Blue Green
Question 4:What is the correct speed for Video?
24 FPS
30 FPS
16 FPS
Question 5:What format has the highest resolution?
Digital Betacam
One Inch
Question 6:Who Invented The Motion Picture Camera?
Alexander Graham Bell
Thomas Jefferson
Henry Ford
Thomas Edison
Question 7:Who starred in gone with the wind?
Gregory Peck
Henry Fonda
Boris Karloff
Clark Gable
Question 8:What is the correct sync sound speed for motion picture film?
30 Frames per second
16 Frames Per Second
8 Frames per second
24 Frames per second
Question 9:What is the shutter degree on an arriflex camera?
90 Degrees
240 Degrees
180 Degrees
360 Degrees
Question 10:What is the shutter degree on the Bell & Howell Filmo Camera
180 Degrees
204 Degrees
90 Degrees
70 Degrees

This Quiz has been designed by Carlos James.