Are you a sexy bitch?
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Are you a sexy bitch?

We are two sexy bitches! Are you a sexy bitch, too?

Question 1:You have just gone through a difficult break-up. It's Saturday night, what do you do?
Whine and cry and pout hysterically
Hang out with friends and male bash
Pick up the first cute guy you see and get laid
Establish a lesbian night, involving soft porn and licorce with your best girlfriends

Question 2:You have no life and nothing to do for three months. What do you do in your evening free time?
Duh! Get laid every night by random guys!
Join a theatre company and dazzle everyone with your brilliance
Go out and sing a lot of depressing Patsy Cline songs in karaoke bars.
Sit at home and take up latch-hooking.

Question 3:You have a major crush on a new do you snag your new boy-toy?
Send him that nifty latch-hook sweater!
Ring his doorbell naked
Stalk! Stalk! Stalk! In this day and age, it is really way to easy, so there is no excuse.
Play endless hours of truth or dare until someone dares him to kiss you or ask you out, or until you have to take off your clothes.

Question 4:Which of the following is the 'land of dreams'?
The local adult store that your Mom runs.
Metro Supermarkets

Question 5:You find what you believe to be a dead body in the middle of the woods. You....
Prayers, anyone?
Cling to the nearest ranger and beg for sex to calm your shaken nerves.
Drive around, while making aimless telephone calls to your sociopathic crush who may or may not have killed the dead person.
Morally, I should inform the authorities....but I'm know...wanted.

Question 6:While playing truth or dare, you are more likely to be dared to:
Say a naughty word, like 'poopy.'
You have to wait to be dared? I thought you just stripped naked! Damn!
Go out with a dork for the sake of normal urination.
Bare your breasts and press them against your car window while your friend is sleeping in it.

Question 7:The surest sign of a lasting friendship is:
Three orgasms every other weekend and the second and third Wednesday of every month.
Being identical breast twins and indulging in synchronized menstration.
Common interests and good, clean laughs.

Question 8:When driving around aimlessly, it is essential to:
Find your father, get naked, follow him for money.
Perform and recieve oral sex.
Make sure you have enough gas and all of the cars facilities are in perfect condition, and you have recieved permission from the car's owner.
Stay out to watch the sunrise!

Question 9:The best movies to go see (especially if dragging along members of that other sex) are:'s nice to see your self on the big screen!
Some sappy chick flick that will make you laugh, cry and pee in a cup.
Porno, with a plot.
Action films. You want your man to be happy, don't you? Relationships are all about compromise.

Question 10:If you were stranded on a desert island, and could only have one belonging, it would be:
Adam's Testicles
A vibrator.
Your bible.
Your latest boy-toy....or Spike from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.'

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