Bizvogato Initiation Exam

At Bizvogato, we pride ourselves on having contempt for all the cherished morals and axioms of civilization. In line with our mission statement dedicated to mockery, we have created this quiz to help you, the promising Bizvogateur of the future, to guide your decision in joining our superior forum. The Bizvogato Test was designed by billions of monkeys pounding away tirelessly on billions of laptops, and is thus superior to all quizzes that precede or follow.

Question 1:Which of the following is the Superior of All Colors?
Question 2:Which of the following is the preferred drink of Bizvogateurs?
Cheap Vodka
Question 3:Which of the following bumper stickers are you most likely to have on your automobile?
Talking Loud and Saying Nothing!
If you think I'm cute, you should see me topless!
Kill them all. Let God sort them out.
Proud Parent of a FBI's 10 Most Wanted Fugitive
Question 4:What would you wear for a night on the town?
Sombrero and Ahola Shirt
Read Foam Cowboy Hat and Magic Cape
Bunny Slippers
Human skin obtained from last night's bloodlust rampage
Question 5:Which of the following would you prefer to have as an army of minions?
Plush Characters (Sesame Street, McDonald's characters, etc.)
The A-Team
A bunch of soul-deprived and brain-eating zombies
Question 6:Which of the following experiences would you pay for:
Being trapped in an overturned porta-potty for three days
Being trapped in a glass case with several-thousand scorpions for several weeks
Being the Bizvogato Kumloudli
Going to McDonalds with Godzilla to buy a Pissed-Off Meal
Being in the middle of a poop toss between LuTron and a gang of strung-out monkeys
Question 7:Pepsi or Coke?
7up (The spokesman kills me)
Question 8:Which of the following objects have you shoved up your nose?
Your finger
M&Ms (without peanuts)
M&Ms (with peanuts)
Question 9:If you found yourself stranded out in the desert on a deadlocked and jam-packed freeway, how would you handle your bathroom emergency?
I'd hold it in
I'd try to pee in a bottle, or whatever I had handy
I'd walk out and relieve myself openly on the side of the road
I'd wet myself and let it seep into my car's upholstery
I always relieve myself in public
Question 10:Which of the following plush characters scandalizes you the most?
Grimace (McDonalds)
Tinky Winky (Teletubbies)

This Quiz has been designed by Nuniella Bizzatorie.