Are you a poser?

Isn't everyone?

Question 1:What is a sellout?
When there is no more tickets available.
When the group dies.
When you stop buying their cds.
When the frontman dyes his/her hair.
When a band changes for money or an outside source.
Question 2:Why would you purchase a Britney Spears CD?
To destroy it.
To learn the lyrics.
To listen for subliminals.
Question 3:If you went to a concert, what would you wear?
The band's t-shirt and hat.
Something costly and attractive.
Whatever the hell you want.
Nothing but socks.
Something pink and pretty.
Question 4:What is your everyday clothing?
The latest trend.
Whatever is clean.
Something to match your best friend's look.
Who needs clothes.
Whatever you feel comfortable in.
Question 5:Why would you buy Bush's new album?
To find out about the conspiracy.
To show off to your friends.
To see who they are, (never even heard of them).
To stare at Gavin's new hot look.
Question 6:Why listen to music at all?
To kill time.
To learn and experience meaning.
To have something to talk about
To relax to
Question 7:How can Pink Floyd be described?
Those ugly English guys who made no sense.
The creators of true music.
Pink who?
There aren't enough words to even begin.
Question 8:Your favorite place to buy clothes
A thrift store
Abercrombie or Amrican Eagle
Punks R us
A retro or vintage shop
Foot locker
Question 9:How did Cobain die?
He was a druggie and had asked for it.
Shot himself in the head.
Love (not the feeling either)... (You Know) hopefully!
Who is Cobain?
Question 10:Have you learned anything from this?
Nothing I didn't already know.
I think so
I don't know even know the point of this.

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