Are you in Love?

Ever wondered if you are in love or if you are just admiring a certain person? Take this test and find out...

Question 1:Your alarm goes off in the morning do you...
Wake up and think of him/her.
Call him/her.
Hit the snooze and go back to sleep.
Smile, think of him/her and get something that makes you think of him/her.
Question 2:You realize that you are missing your favorite him/her. Do you...
Call them to tell them how much you miss them.
Do something to take your mind off of them
Drive over to their house for a surprise visit.
Send them an e-mail to show how much you miss him/her.
Question 3:Your having a night out on the town with your boys/girls. Are you...
Sneaking away to call your guy/girl to tell them you are thinking of them.
Having a good time with your friends, but can't help but think about your sweetie.
Dancing the night away flirting with many guys/girls.
Sit in the corner by yourself thinking of nothing but your sweetie.
Question 4:You are in a department store and smell the cologne/perfume of your significant other... Do you...
Think back to the last passionate moment you shared with him/her.
Buy the cologne/perfume to spray on your pillow at home to think of them all the time.
Gag and run to the bathroom to barf up your lunch from Sbarros.
Spray the perfume/cologne on your wrist so that you can smell them througout the day.
Question 5:Your busy and the phone rings... You check your caller ID and it's your honey... Do you...
Answer speaking spanish yelling 'Wrong Numero!'
Say 'Hey sweetie' when you answer.
Get butterflies in your stomach and answer the phone as quickly as you can.
Let the answering machine get it, you know they will say something sweet anyway.
Question 6:You pull a box out from under your bed. It's most likely filled with...
Every card, letter, small gift from your honey.
Movie stubs, petals from each rose that was given to you, pictures, every thing to remind you of him/her.
Restraining Orders
ex-boyfriend/girlfriends numbers a few letters from your honey.
Question 7:You hear you and your loved ones song on the radio.. the song playing is:
Always and Forever
U got it bad 'Usher'
I will always love you 'Whitney Houston'
Completely Miserable 'Lit'
Question 8:You and your sweetie are going to be away from each other for a whole week... You are saying goodbye to each other... Most likely you are:
Hugging and Kissing until the moment you have to part
Slamming the door in his/her face screaming in relief, calling all your friends to come party.
Enjoying each other's company to the fullest... until the very last second, promising to call everyday.
A quick kiss goodbye, saying 'I'll miss you'.
Question 9:You are alone in your sweetie's house... Are you...
Stealing every valuable thing you can find.
Snooping for a diary or a clear sign that he/she really loves you.
Lay in his/her bed, wrapped up in the blankets admiring the lingering smell of your sweetie.
admire the pictures he/she has of you two on the walls.
Question 10:The thought of saying those three words... 'I LOVE YOU' makes you...
Feel like a little kid again... anxious to hear those words come from your loved ones mouth.
Sick to your stomach.... God that's mushy!!
A little nervous.. You care about him/her, but scared of commitment.
want to say it, but would rather him/her say it first.

This Quiz has been designed by Lisa.