Are you a Pervert?

Ever wonder if your really a pervert, or just plain out sexually frustrated? Take this test to find out the truth.. Can you handle it?

Question 1:You wake up in the morning and can't remember what happened the night before... Do you:
Smell your fingers.
Try to figure out what that smelly stain on your sheets are.
Call a close friend.
Unstick the pages of your hustler magazine.
Question 2:Your staying at your friends house and their older sibling left his/her dirty underwear laying out... Do you:
Non-shalantly stick the underwear in your pocket
take them into the bathroom and begin to huff in and out deeply their crotch fumes.
Hide them, knowing they would die of humiliation if they knew you saw the underwear.
try them on and dance around singing 'I'm a little teapot'
Question 3:You notice that your neighbors blinds are open and they are undressing... Do you:
Break out the high-powered telescope to get a better view.
Close the blinds in your room... How dare you look you insincere bastard!
Get the video camera and kleenex.
Go over and ask if he/she needs help.
Question 4:Which type of pornographic film are you most intrigued by?
I don't watch those! I find those immoral and degrating to all of man kind.
Marvelous Midget Managetwa (I don't know how to spell it damn it!)
Backdoor Barbara/Bobbie
Debbie Does Dallas
Question 5:Which of these foods do you find erotic:
Strawberries and whipped cream.
British Bangers (It's a dinner sausage you nasty people!)
A can of pork and beans.
Question 6:First thing that comes to mind, when you hear the words...... Pamela Anderson Lee:
Maaa Maaa.
Hardcore Sex with Tommy Lee.
David Hasselhoff?
Question 7:What do you consider is the common use for Vaseline?
It's mista happy time!
Chapped lips during the winter season.
Chapped lips during the winter season while wearing a short skirt.
personal lubrication
Question 8:You hear the ice cream man music playing a block away... Do you:
Pay your neighbor 20 bucks to eat a big stick in front of you.
Order a drumstick with lots of nuts.
Say I'd like an eskimo pie please.
Say I'd eat an eskimo's pie anyday.
Question 9:You see an Apple pie on the counter... Do you:
Think, warm and fuzzy.. mmmm just like apple pie.
Say nothing can compare to Grandma's apple pie.
Want to test the center of it with your Thermometer to see if it's cooked all the way through.
I only eat Granny Smiths apples.
Question 10:Finally while channel surfing.. You come across the discovery channel just in time to witness the chimpanzee mating rituals... Do you:
Turn Ricki Lake back on.
Watch for a while and start to feel a little funny inside, like when you used to climb the ropes in gym class.
Pop in a tape, press record... and watch when mom and dad aren't home.
Keep watching.. I mean come on it's for educational purposes right.

This Quiz has been designed by Lisa.