How much in LOVE are you?

This is a test or quiz for teens to find out how much in LOVE they really are. This test is JUST FOR FUN. Do not take these results seriously.

Question 1:When you see him/her you can't help but...
turn red
say hi
go kiss him stupid!
Question 2:When you think of him/her, you are thinking of...
having a nice conversation
asking them out
getting married
nothing, just sittin' and starin'
Question 3:At night you do you dream of him/her?
Question 4:Whats the first thing you remember about him/her when you first made eye contact?
Gosh they're cute.
*singing Mandy Moore* I wanna be with you.
What beautiful eyes.
Uh....whatya say?
I do.
Question 5:When you first just saw him/her, you thought...
What a hottie!
I wanna get to know 'em.
Eh...not so bad.
Where have you been all my life?
Where'd you get THOSE clothes?
Question 6:He/She likes...
sculpture class
art in general
music making
dance breaking (hehe...that rhymes)
being with friends, includin' you
Question 7:At school you...
spend the whole day looking for them
hope you just happen to see them
change your schedule to be with them the whole day
Question 8:Do you remember EXACTLY the first words they ever said to you?
Of course!
Say what?
Question 9:Did they ever see you starin' at them before you ever really met?
Just once, I swear!
Maybe a couple times.
Well...just the whole class period, day after day.
Question 10:Have you ever cried yourself to sleep because you want them so bad, but can't get there?
Yea... : *(
Every single night
Just once

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