Rocky Cast Quiz

As an Idiot Savant I took the IS quiz and thought it would be cool to see how well the Idiot Savants.. knew their cast members.

Question 1:One night SLC fell off the 'Rocky Ring' Which Phantom was on for the first time that night?
Jim Osorno
Rosa Curry
Matt Morrison
Dan Levine
Question 2:How Many Different People Have Played Riff Raff? Include Understudies
Question 3:Why Does SLC wear boots?
Fashion statement
He felt it added to his character
He wanted his feet to look bigger next to Alice's
To protect his feet after breaking his toe
Question 4:According to Ana Gasteyer where does Columbia Sleep?
The turrett
Frank's room
The kitchen
Next to Riff Raff's room
Question 5:According to KLK what is Columbia's Favorite Beer?
Pabst blue ribbon
Brookklyn Lager
Question 6:Sept 23. Jarrod said this Bringing down the house?
We'll just go back and Fuck in the car.
Does this mean we can't use the phone?
Yea, Yea Chucky Grey, he's got no neck but he's OK
Give her a chance.. Everybody else does
Question 7:Tom Hewitt Came to His audition...
In a lab coat & fishnets
In a Suit
In street clothes
In a sequined corset
Question 8:Which actor had got sick at intermission and had to have their understudy go on in the second act?
Tom Hewitt
Alice Ripley
Dick Cavett
Joan Jett
Question 9:The first few times KLK went on as Janet what did she have a problem with?
Her lines
Her bra
Lea Delaria
Her wig
Question 10:When the audience is dead with No Participation Daphne calls it a...
Boring show
Peaceful day
Do me crowd

This Quiz has been designed by Bre.