Paintball Quiz

This is a fun paintball quiz to see what your knowledge is on paintball!

Question 1:When was the beginning of paintball?
Question 2:Which sport is the safest?
basket ball
Question 3:Normally how fast does a paintball fly out of a paintball gun?
100 ft. per sec.
150 ft. per sec.
300 ft. per sec.
Question 4:If a paintball hits you, but doesn't spat are you still in the game?
depends what field your playing at
Question 5:What are paintballs made out of?
Question 6:What's a tape runner?
The man who brings runs around passing out tape
The man who runs closest to the enemy as possible
Question 7:Are you out if your gun is hit?
Depends where you play and how you want to play
Question 8:What was the first purpose of the paintball gun?
The same as it is now, to play with
Something to do with cattle
Police marked criminal cars while driving
Question 9:Tactics are not useful in paintball.
No it can be useful sometimes, but not all the time
No tactics are the most useful things in paintball
No tactics are useful if used in the right way
Question 10:Should you pepper the area when you see, or think you see, someone in a bush or close spot near you?
Yes, it's always better to be safe than sorry
It depends, what time is it, do you have a lot of paint
Normally no, unless the time is about out
Question 11:What is paint check?
You check your paintballs before you dump them into the hopper
In the middle of the game you check your hopper to see how many paintballs you still have
It's where everyone pauses while a ref comes and checks to see if your hit splat
Question 12:It's better to stay in one place.
Very true, it is always better to know your location and wait for someone else to move
Not always, unless you're the only one left and your waiting on the clock
I don't know
Question 13:If a paintball falls on the ground should you put it back into your gun?
No it would jam your gun
If you clean it off you can still use it
Just leave it on the ground
Question 14:What is one of the most common mistake paintball beginners make?
They are too aggressive
They shoot their own teammates
They group together instead of spreading out.
Question 15:Did you like this quiz? :)

This Quiz has been designed by Caleb.