how kinky or exciting are you
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how kinky or exciting are you

This is a test that will tell you are kinky and exciting in bed. Are you a wild and kinky beast or are you a more shy and routine person? Take the test and find out now!!!!!!

Question 1:How often do you have sex?
at least once a day, its really enjoyable!!
1-3 times a week
once or more times a month
who needs sex?

Question 2:How often do you perform oral sex?
at least once a day
1-3 times a week
once or more in a month
Eww... thats just gross!

Question 3:When you are having sex, you...
scream really loud... what, it feels really good, i cant help it!!
moan frequently
let quiet moans slip out sometimes... woops!
stay quiet and dont make a sound

Question 4:If your partner brought a pair of handcuffs, a blindfold and some whip cream to bed, would you...
give him/her an automatic yes! you're up for anything!
think about it for a while and decide to give it a try, it might not be so bad!
hesitate and say yes, but only this once!
no way!! normal sex is just fine

Question 5:If you were having a role playing game, the 'role' you would most likely pick would be.... britney spears... i'm not that innocent 20 pts yourself... who needs role playing? 2 pts
a dominatrix, i like being in control!!
a nice little innocent school girl in a naught little plaid skirt.
britney spears, she's not so innocent after all
yourself... who needs role playing?

Question 6:If your partner turned on an erotic adult video you would...
watch it... besides it get you both excited!!
watch it, but you would feel kind of uncomfortable
pretend like you're watching it, but just to please your partner.
turn the tv off!! Eww!! you dont like that stuff.

Question 7:Which of these sexual positions do you like the best/want to try the most?
missionary, at least its normal!!
girl being on top, you like to control a little bit!!
doggy style, thats always fun!
sideways!! its always fun to experiment!!

Question 8:Which of these sexual positions have you done the most recently?
girl on the top!
doggy style
you always experiment with different positions.

Question 9:Would you ever get a piercing that would benefit you and/or your partner?
Of course!! I already have a couple!!
i've been considering it, i just might get one soon!
maybe, maybe not... wouldnt it hurt?
HELL NO!!! Thats crazy!!!!

Question 10:Have you ever tried kama sutra or tantric sex?
yes, i try them all the time!!
yes, but only once or twice.
no, but maybe i will someday.
i have no intentions on trying either one... my sex life is fine!!

Question 11:Where is the kinkiest place you've ever had sex?
out in public... we were on display!!!
in public but somewhere where no one could see us... that would be embarrassing!!!
in my bed
somewhere in your house other than your bed

Question 12:If you could bring one kinky thing to bed, what would it be?
a dominatrix set, complete with my leather suit, my whip and my chains!!
handcuffs and a blindfold
massage oils
nothing, i'm not into kinky stuff like that!!

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