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Does He Like You Too?
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Does He Like You Too?

Not sure if he is sending you signals that he's interested too? Then try this test out and maybe you'll find the answers you need.

Question 1:When you guys hang out, it's usually:
Just you and him
You, him, and a couple other people
With a large group of people
Varies. Sometimes just you two, other times it's with friends.
Never. You don't hang out together.

Question 2:It's your birthday, what would he do?
Nothing. He probably doesn't even know.
Probably give a card or something else small.
Maybe flowers.
He would go all out with a huge gift.
Nothing because you guys don't give each other things.

Question 3:How often does he talk about other girls?
All the time. He's a total player.
Sometimes, when he sees a pretty girl pass by.
Only when he talks about his ex, which is very rare.

Question 4:He tells you about personal things:
All the time

Question 5:You and him are hanging out. Suddenly he runs into a couple of his friends. He:
Walks away, leaving you alone.
Says hi, but then continues talking to you.
Talks to them for a minute, but never introduces you to them.
Introduces you and then talks to them without including you.

Question 6:His body language:
He often tickles you and gives you hugs.
He occasionally will put his arm around you.
He never touches you.
He play fights with you sometimes, but that's it.

Question 7:If you two were hanging out with some friends, and you didn't have enough money for whatever you were doing, he would:
Offer to pay for you, if you could pay him back.
Definitely pay for you.
If he had enough, he would probably help you out.
Tell you tough luck.

Question 8:If you were to run into him somewhere, he would probably:
Say hi and keep going on his way.
Talk for a second and then get back to what he was doing.
Ask you what you were doing, and see if you wanted to hang out.
Drop whatever he was doing and hang out with you.
Ignore you.

Question 9:Do you talk on the phone?
Yes, like everyday.
Yes, about 1-3 times a week.
No, he never returns my phone calls.
Only if there is a reason.

Question 10:If you could compare him to a character, he would be:
Dawson (Dawson's Creek)Hopeless romantic
Pacey (Dawson's Creek)Sarcastic flirt
Bailey (Party of Five)Naturally friendly

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