Does he really love* you, or is he using you?

Find out if he is using you or if he really does LoVe you*.

Question 1:When he is with you and his friends, who does he pay more attention to?
His Friends
Neither, He is really quiet

Question 2:How often does he call you?
3 Times a week

Question 3:Does he ever flirt with you?
All The Time*
Sometimes, but not often

Question 4:When you are on the phone with him do you talk to him more, or his friends?
His Friends, He is really shy*
Him duh?

Question 5:Has he ever cheated on you?
Once but it was a miss-under-standing
NeVeR, He isn't like that
I m not sure

Question 6:How many times have you gone out with him?
2 times, he forgave me-I forgave him
More then 3 times, I love him to much and he is too hot!

Question 7:How often does he give you gifts?
All the time*, he is so dreamy*
Not to often, he isn't to good at that mushy stuff*
NeVeR, he doesn't believe in that stuff

Question 8:How much do YOU think he TRULY loves you?
ALOT, I know it*
I'm not sure*
I don't think he even does love me*

Question 9:How much do YOU think you TRULY love him?
I know I love him ALOT....
I use him
I would rather be his friend*

Question 10:Does he send signs that make you think he wants you to do something you don't want to do?
When ever he gets the chance*
Not really

This Quiz has been designed by Melissa*.