Match the drummer to the band they play with.

Question 1:Blink-182
Travis Parker
Tre Cool
Mark Hoppus
Tom Delonge
Travis Barker
Question 2:Green Day
Travis Parker
Carter Beauford
Chad Smith
Tre Cool
Steve Johnson
Question 3:Dave Matthews Band
Steve Johnson
Steve Jones
Carter Beauford
Alexander Popovich
Mark Little
Question 4:Red Hot Chili Peppers
Tim Carter
Tito Puente
Buddy Rich
Alexander Popovich
Chad Smith
Question 5:Slipknot
Joey Johnson
Joey Jones
Joey Jordison
Joe James
Joe Jamson
Question 6:Barenaked Ladies
Tyler Stewert
Troy Stevenson
Martin Ross
Steve Hilton
Carter Beauford
Question 7:Lenny Kravitz
Cindy Blackwell
Samantha Ordell
Jessica Green
Tatyana Ali
Sarah Grover
Question 8:Led Zepplin
John Bonham
Trevor Sellert
Trevor Sallon
David Starks
Micheal Stewert
Question 9:Nirvana
Kurt Cobain
Dave Grohl
Mark Trevor
Stan Musial
Damon Wilson
Question 10:The Beatles
John Lennon
Paul McCartny
Ringo Star
George Hamilton
Ringo Smith

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