What animal best portrays your sexual appetite?
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What animal best portrays your sexual appetite?

What animal best portrays your sexual appetite? Take this test and find out!

Question 1:How often do you have sex?
As often as my Lover would like me to, and sometimes when I want to.
Rarely ever, I'm too busy doing other things.
At least once or twice a day, more if I can manage it!
As often as I want. I can always find a way. But I don't really overdo it.
Every now and then, mainly on the weekends and stuff when I'm out having fun.

Question 2:What is your favorite position?
Whatever seems the best at the time.
Favorite position as in what exactly?
I like to be on top.
I like to be on the bottom.
I want it in every position, all night long. Hell, you can even invent new ones.

Question 3:How do you feel about spanking?
I like to be spanked, because I have been bad....very bad.
I can handle spanking, but I prefer a bullwhip and a riding crop.
I don't enjoy that sort of foolishness.
I like to spank, because my partner has been bad.....very bad.
If that's what my partner wants, I'm up for it....I'm up for whatever really..

Question 4:When finding a lover.....
I search for what I'm looking for and get it, or try my hardest.
One day my dream lover will arrive, but I'm not going to worry about that too much.
I have a little black book filled with all sorts of lovers....and I pick one...or two....or three.
I just kinda hang out at bars and clubs and stuff and it just happens.
Someone tries to pick me up and I evaluate them to see if they meet my standards.

Question 5:What is something you would most likely say in bed with someone?
'Stop getting pushy, everyone will get a turn'.
'up against the wall, I want to do something to ya'.
'Are you done yet?'
'what do you say we break out the whipped cream?'
'How do you want me now, lover?'

Question 6:Someone that doesn't quite meet your standards for attractiveness is giving you the eye...what do you do?
Romp them anyways....I'm not all that picky, at least I'm getting some!
Keep looking for the right one.
See if they approach me, and then evaluate them.
Dance with them a bit, but that's probably about it.
Get offended.

Question 7:A friend of a friend of a friend offers for you to join an orgy. What do you do? The people there are attractive.
Another orgy? Wow, I'm still recovering from the one last night.....but....ok..
Never been to one before....but I'm willing to expand my horizons...sounds like fun!
I would think about it but probably not go.
How dare you even ask me that question. Of course not!
I would think about it a bit, and probably end up going...but would stay by the door.

Question 8:What are you most skilled with?
My seduction techniques.
Tickling, bedroom wrestling, stuff like that.
My career.
Everything...my tongue...my hands....you name it! I'm a pro!
Pleasing my lover in a very romantic peaceful setting.

Question 9:What really gets your motor running?
An all out sexfest with everyone covered in oil and maybe Jello.
When I'm ordered to do things.
I just turn the key on the ignition and my motor starts right up.....why?
When my lover bites me on the neck, and I yelp with surprise.
When I'm seduced and then have to chase.

Question 10:Your lover proposes a new role playing theme involving a 8 foot diameter burrito shell and ground beef, and cheese, and....you get the idea...
Been there, done that, willing to do it again.
If that is what you would like me to do, I'll be happy to be your love burrito.
I swear to god, if you stained this rug....I'll kill you. Get this out of here!
I'm sorry, but I call the shots around here....and tonight is pirate night for us.
OOO....look at all this fun food stuff.....neato! Let me be first!

Question 11:You walk in on an acquaintance having wild sex on the living room floor....You...
Get naked and hop right in...Hope ya don't mind...
Quickly apologize and leave immediately.
Keep walking and don't let it bother you.
Watch from a safe distance where they won't see you.
Politely offer to play a little game with them, where you are the boss, and tell them what to do.

Question 12:You open up your 'sex drawer' and get out your.....
TV guide.
Super Whamodyne double d cell anal-izer with 12 different attachments....
Romance novel.
Ky Jelly.

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