Are you an Emo kid?

Find out if your a emo kid or just a poser! Rock!

Question 1:What's in you cd player right now?
Weezer or Coldplay
Futher Seems Forever or Dashboard
Briney Spears or N*SYNC
New Found Glory
Question 2:How many pins do you have on your messenger bag?
A few
What messenger bag?
Question 3:Confess, you've thought about taping your glasses at the nose bridge...
Actually, not really
Thought about it? I already have!
Yeah, once or twice
I don't need glasses
Question 4:Ever written weepy poetry?
I tried, and it was awful
Nope, poetry is for losers, dude
A book or two of it. By the way, would you like to hear my latest sonnet?
Yeah, but it was for my girl/boyfriend.
Question 5:Are you sXe? (straightedge)
Oh, straightedge? Not really.
Question 6:How long has it taken you to get over your last boy/girlfriend?
17 long years. Why won't you answer my 382 phone calls (insert name)?
5 and a half minutes
Haven't been in a relationship
A month at the most
Question 7:What do you think of pop music?
Meh. (couldn't care)
I've developed a fear of pop
Hey, that reminds me. I need to call in for those tickets for bsb
Question 8:What social group are you/were you/hope to be envolved in high school.
Jocks and Preps
The really weird kids your mom warned you about
Uhm, duh, the Emo and Punk kids
Question 9:How does Goodwill factor into your life?
I shop there all the time. And no, I'm NOT poor/
I shop there once or twice, because I AM poor.
Never really thought about it.
Question 10:And you've been to the Gap how many times?
Oh, at least 15 or more times
Once or twice
Huh? I thought that store closed down in the early 90's?
Question 11:Do the labels Independent, O'Neil, Hurley, or Quicksilver mean anything to you?
Uh, yeah. I wearing one of them right now.
I've heard of a few
I don't own any stuff with those labels on it
Question 12:Are you getting sick of answering questions?
Gosh, yes!
Not really, I have time to kill.
Question 13:What is haleymil?
A mill, duh.
a band
something you obviously made up
Question 14:Which is your favorite MTV news anchor?
Gideon Yago
I don't really watch Mtv
Sway. I mean, how could you not like him?
Wow, Mtv has news? What would they report on?
Question 15:What color do you find yourself wearing more often?
Hunters safety orange
Whatever I can find

This Quiz has been designed by Haley.