Are You in style?

This is a ten minute quiz that let's you know if your in style or not. Begin to find out!

Question 1:What would you wear on the first day of school?
a sweater and shorts
stylish pants and a cool T-shirt
a great outfit with your jacket on all day?
Question 2:What is your ideal prom dress?
a cute skirt with a halter top
a proper prom dress
a long skirt with a pretty top
Question 3:What kind of clothes do you wear in the summer?
bathing suit all of the time
tank tops and shorts
pants and a T-shirt
Question 4:What kind of shoes do wear?
platform sneakers
high heeled shoes
adidas three stripe
Question 5:What colors do you think look best together?
brown, green and yellow
blue, purple and black
all the colors of the rainbow
Question 6:What is your favorite jean company?
canyon river blues
Question 7:What did you wear today?
stretchy pants and a tight turtleneck
shorts and not much else
cool jeans and a great shirt
Question 8:What do your friends think of your style?
classy and old fashioned
Question 9:What would you but if you had 10$ and you had to spend it at Deb/Tops n bottoms
10 thongs
bell bottoms
Question 10:How do you dress in the winter?
big baggy pants and your bubble jacket
a sweatshirt or T-shirt with bell bottoms
shorts and a sweater

This Quiz has been designed by Laura Previte.