What color Are You?

What color suits your personality? Find out in this quick quiz.

Question 1:What kind of music are you most likely to listen to?
Linkin Park / Spineshank
Sum 41 / Blink 182
Britney Spears / Mandy Moore
Alanis Morisette / Natalie Imbruglia
Question 2:What Kind Of Shoes Do You Wear?
Doc Martens
Skate Shoes (eg Globes, Gallaz)
Anything with a heel or platform
Comfy Slip-Ons ..... or none at all
Question 3:What outfit do you like best?
Band Hoodie / baggy pants
Denim shorts and a bright top
Mini skirt and a cute halter top
A peasant top and old faded jeans
Question 4:What is the best accessory?
A studded armband
A cap
A cute little sequined bag
A feather necklace
Question 5:What kind of weather do you most prefer?
Doesn't really matter
A clear sunny day
Sweltering heat
A cloudy blue sky and a cool breeze
Question 6:What color are your eyes?
Question 7:What are your fingernails like?
Chewed really short
Stubby and short but neat
Long and painted- in the latest color
Neat and elegant, painted in clear or a french manicure
Question 8:Where are you most likely to be living in 5 years time?
With your parents (constantly yelling at you to shut that music up)
In a messy little apartment
In a big house- neat and run by maids
A little cottage out of town or a little beach shack
Question 9:What is your favorite movie?
The Others
Rush Hour 2
The Horse Whisperer
Question 10:What color did you last dye your hair?
Black or red, blue, green dyed etc
Brown or Blonde
Streaked / dyed ultra blonde
Never dyed it before

This Quiz has been designed by Amy.