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Question 1:What is the theory of Intentionality?
The greatest amount of happiness for the greatest amount of people.
Motivation and intention are always the same within coherent moral frameworks
Consciousness is always consciousness of something.
Question 2:Who originally wrote the parable about the invisible gardener and who uses the parable to describe the theory of falsification?
Daniel Dennet and John Searle
Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre
John Locke and Thomas Hobbes
John Wisdom and Anthony Flew
Question 3:Who wrote The Virtue of Selfishness?
Thomas Khun
A. J. Ayer
Ayn Rand
Ludwig Feuerbach
Question 4:What was the reply Saint Thomas Aquinas gave towards the ontological Argument for the existence of God?
Existence is not a necessary attribute of perfection
Existence is a necessary attribute of perfection
Conceptual existence requires actual existence
Conceptual existence does not require actual existence
Question 5:What is Epiphenomenalism?
Mind is matter and is therefore a function of body
Mind interacts with body but body never interacts with mind
Mind and body do not interact
Body interacts with mind but mind never interacts with body
Question 6:What is Philosophy as in Philo sophia?
Love of wisdom
It is wise to love
A lover is wise
love of nature
Question 7:Everyone who lives in Nova Scotia is a Canadian, I live in New Brunswick, therefore, I'm not a Canadian. What is the Logical Fallacy?
Personal attack
Affirming the consequent
Begging the question
Denying the Antecedent
Question 8:What according to Heidegger is the Ontic?
Das man
That which is concerned only with entities
Question 9:In one word, how is Sartre's notion of consciousness explained?
Question 10:Thesis, Synthesis, and Antithesis are most commonly associated with what philosopher?
David Hume
Thomas Hobbes
John Hick
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

This Quiz has been designed by Jeremy Henderson.