Love Quiz

Want to find out if you're in love with your sweetheart? Take this quiz and find out. Hurry!!!!

Question 1:Who do you like or go out with?
Their answer
Someone secret
Question 2:How do you like at him/her?
Cute eyes
Body Language
Question 3:How do you feel when you're near or with him/her?
I feel I can act myself
Question 4:How does he/she react when they see you?
Great. I have to talk to him/her?
Great to see you!
Let me hide please!
Question 5:What would you do to show him/her your love?
I don't love him/her!
I would do almost anything
Question 6:Do you think he/he is in love with you?
Absolutely Not!!
Question 7:Why are you taking this test?
To see if that special someone and I are in love
Just for fun
To see what the points are
Question 8:How far would you go for him/her?
As far as the world could go
Around the block
No where. They're coming to me
Question 9:Do you think that you would have a chance with him/her?
I will ask them out
Question 10:How much do you love that special someone?
As much as someone could love another person
Not very much
A little bit
I am cheating on that person
As much as the person loves me and maybe even more

This Quiz has been designed by Nikki Bedwell.