Are you insane?
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Are you insane?

Welcome to my world. Hope you have fun...

Question 1:When you hear the voices in your head do you do what they say?
Which voice in particular are you referring too?
Does it count if I'm on acid?

Question 2:Do you believe that there is true love out there?
Love is an evil word
Sure, anything is possible
I'd prefer the company of a farm animal
I'm an ex-convict

Question 3:Have you ever answered yourself vocally, loud enough for others to hear?
Hell No!
I'm doing it right now
What's so bad about that?!?
People should mind their own business

Question 4:Do you spend more time day dreaming than 'awake' in this world?
Well if you don't count the drug flashbacks I'm usually alright
I day dream like any normal human

Question 5:Do you believe you've been abducted by aliens?
I'm related to Fox Mulder
I've learned to sleep with my eyes open
Believe what you must
I've developed this bad crack habit

Question 6:Do the mysteries of the Universe trouble you?
The mysterious of the Universe are mine to discover
Don't ask me that I'm just a girl
Leave that to the scientists

Question 7:Do you fantasize more about real people that you know or famous people?
Famous people, you can't beat Pam Anderson's rack
J-Lo, that's all I gotta say
What do you care?
The internet is an amazing revolution

Question 8:When drunk do you find yourself not remembering periods of your night?
I won't remember this when I wake up tomorrow
I've been told plenty of times by my friends that I have done some crazy stuff... Why can't I remember?
My nickname is J.D.

Question 9:Why are you taking this test?
Cuz I seriously am wondering if I'm crazy
Your opinion will solely decide my future
I worship internet tests
For the hell of it

Question 10:If found crazy would you do something drastic?
I got my list ready
Do you think I'm stupid?
Define drastic

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