Who Wants to Be...a CHEERLEADER????

Test some basic knowledge (arm and hand positions not included) and do some cheers from the movie 'Bring It On' to see how good of a cheerleader you would be.

Question 1:What TYPE of cheer is this? 'Knock ‘em down Roll ‘em around C’mon defense work (Work) 4x/6-7x'
Offense Cheer
Defense Cheer
It's not a cheer, it's a chant.
A cheer the Toros stole from the Clovers
None of the above
Question 2:Fill in the blanks: We’re sweet We got the whip We can’t be ____ We’re the best Our team’s too cool We got the _____ To rock this school (______, yeah) We bad We got the team We can’t be ____
beat ; team; ohhh; sad
bad; points; ahhhh; rad
bad; class; ahhhh; had
um yeah, i dunno....
beat; class; ahhh; had
Question 3:When yelling and shouting in cheering, you should:
use your throat.
yell as little as possible when it's not needed.
use the back of your throat to not lose your voice.
use your diapraghm.
None of the above.
Question 4:Usually, this cheer is used for what type of game? 'WE WANT THE BALL TO GO THE OTHER WAY GRAB IT, STEAL IT, TAKE IT AWAY'
Football and rugby
None of 'em
Question 5:What's the usual line used to remember how to act during a game and while not cheering?
Shake it!
Always smile, the entire game, every while!
Hands on hips, Smiles on lips!
Never cry, never pout, the squad that's wry, misses out!
Um, what the hell are you talking about?
Question 6:Finish this cheer from the movie: That's alright, that's ok...
You're team's gonna lose today!
We're gonna win tonight anyway!
You're gonna kiss our ass today!
None of the above
You're gonna pump our gas someday!
Question 7:What, if any, is the difference between a cheer and a chant?
A cheer involves movement, a chant is all verbal.
A cheer is only spoken by the cheerleaders, a chant by the cheerleaders AND crowd.
A cheer is short; while a chant is long and usually used at half-times
There is no difference.
None of the above.
Question 8:An example of an offense cheer would be:
Hey fans (clap 2x)/We can't hear your spirit (clap, clap) 2x Get up, (clap, clap) 2x And let's really hear it! (Clap, clap) 2x
T-A-K-E, take that ball away (clap, clap)3x
There are no offense cheers; just chants.
I don't care because I'm actually a total feminist/and or/ think cheerleading is retarded and am just taking this quiz because I need to prove how mindless is it. (Yeah, ok, whatever...)
Take it, take it/Take it to the hoop!
Question 9:When you clap, your hands should be:
Like you normally clap.
Open and far apart for it to be of a good impact.
It doesn't matter.
Clasped firmly for a loud sound.
None of the above.
Question 10:In a pyramid, or whenever suspending a person up using mainly yor legs, you should position yourself as:
Straight as possible.
With legs open as much as you can sideways, one hand on partner's waist, and the free hand holding partner up.
None of the above.
It doesn't matter.
Facing forward, one leg on the ground (your hind leg) and the other open, one hand holding up partner and the other opening their leg.

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