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Are you a good lover/boyfriend?

Are you a good lover/boyfriend?

Are you a good boyfriend?

Are you a good boyfriend?

Are you a good boyfriend?

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trey (52038)
im gay soooo my life is pretty 💗ty im 10
Krishnan (54917)
62 days ago
Girl friend love test
Pranjit bramax (56935)
62 days ago
I m good bf fr my gf.. Because.. She will do any mistake than i will grant her... N she love me so much n our relation is best of owr world
abhiahek (05738)
71 days ago
my g.f very cute nd care full
Victor (28807)
76 days ago
I want a good loyal relation ship
I won’t tell you (39480)
109 days ago
I am 12 and my gf is in my class. Have you taken her on a date? Kissing is always nice! My problem is 10 other guys have a crush on her. But I’m a good bf and she knows it, she is kind and hot; the whole package!
Also we do trd, we have done something that made us really close ;)
I want love (83288)
114 days ago
Plsssssss love me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soultr1pp3r2000 (79638)
117 days ago
Im looking for a girl that likes mtn dew and would play the same video games with me once and a while * no fortnite*
Quader s (43459)
134 days ago
But she is 11 and i am 12 but we both are in 6 grade but she is not in my class but we both go to the same school and she is pretty and hot and i talk to her at art because she sit next to me so i could not get in caught by the art teacher in class.
Quader s (43459)
134 days ago
Today i ask my girlfriend jennifer iraheta rivera out at lunch and she say yes because i am a good boyfriend
Pradip Araj (51638)
138 days ago
Hunter (68635)
151 days ago
HELP!! Seriously bad girlfriend problems!! She is angry one minute then sad the next over and over again!! she doesn't want to spend time with me and all she wants to do is eat chocolate in front of the TV!Help any advise?! Help!
owen (48010)
167 days ago
I need love help im having girl trouble
Zack (97107)
167 days ago
Who wants me???❤️❤️
Me (75946)
175 days ago
I'm one of the best looking but girls are a bit too flirty
Γιαννησ (44546)
191 days ago
All girls are lesbians
Naveen Kumar (86560)
209 days ago
no girls likes me ,because i am not good looking
rose (80075)
219 days ago
hi my name is rose i am new on this website well that all i got to say
william (80819)
220 days ago
i love this gril in school her name is Melody Parkes she is hot
Rider (52144)
226 days ago
Hello everyone i am a rider and i am a new in this website