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Am I a Good Girlfriend?

Are you a good girlfriend?

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Are you a good Girlfriend?

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Raweeena (72850)
2 days ago
Does he likes me his name is Maytag sharma
Jayda (07083)
22 days ago
I love him
Saima (90235)
33 days ago
I love him so much he is my soul mate
:((( (45843)
36 days ago
My bf broke up with me so he's now my ex, but i still have a whole heap of feelings for him. His name is Johnny and i wont say his last name but Johnny if you see this, you broke my heart so freaking badly :'( Im so sad cause he ignores me all the time at school and i want to talk to him about why he broke up with me but i cant cause I'm to shy. he looks at me like he used to when we were in the relationship its scaring me :-- the relationship was rather unhealthy so i guess i should be happy its over but im not. we never hugged, held hands or hardly talked, even after five months. :(( if you have any idea of how he can love me back can you let me know starting with "Hey :(((". thanks!! :\
thanks people, wish me luck with my heartbreak :(
Rennae (97876)
36 days ago
Sorry about the last comment it doesn't belong there
Rennae (97876)
36 days ago
I don't know what is this all about
Shivani (45364)
39 days ago
I like his
jules (27258)
39 days ago
i love him and there is nothing that will not make me stop loving him.
and he is my boyfriend and his name is jack but i feel that hes hiding some thing what shold i do
Amit (99359)
42 days ago
I love but i realy love her
Harmony (28611)
43 days ago
I have this one guy that I have a huge crush on but I'm scared he will just reject me but his name is Sean Barth there I said it but Sean if you look at this this is true but I just don't want you werided out ok
Jaidin (66485)
43 days ago
I love this one guy named Adan and he likes me to but I don't know because we are such good friends an if we are to go out and break up then I don't want to lose him
ryan (92861)
47 days ago
I did not know you liked me I like you to ;]
susannah (92861)
47 days ago
I like a boy named ryan borner I don't think he likes me ;[
Theresa beris (71512)
57 days ago
I'm a good girlfriend for your sister colleen Ballinger.😍😘💋💖💗
Katrina williams (50535)
57 days ago
love with Kolton and Logan and jaylen
%uD83D%uDC96%uD83C%uDF08 (73342)
60 days ago
my boyfriend is perfect he treats me right and I love him to the moon and back and I want him to be my future husband and I hope we stay together when we grow up 😘😍❤️i love my boyfriend
Jayden (94203)
69 days ago
I like a boy named Andrew he is cute and adorable i am cute and adorable we are both the bad types I like a guy Joseph but I can't choose between Joseph or andrew.
The problem is I like both of them I like Andrew more as a brother and Joseph more as a boyfriend
Bailey (22829)
72 days ago
I am scared to ask him if he likes me
Shruti karnam mani (36590)
75 days ago
I hope he likes me a lot
Jennifer iraheta rivera (43459)
78 days ago
But he is 12 and i am 11 but we are both in 6 grade but he is in a other class room but it don't matter i still like