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Should you kiss him? (middle school girls)

Should You Kiss Them?

Are you a good kisser?

Will he ever kiss you?

Are you a great kisser or bad blister?

Should You Kiss Your Crush? (GIRLS ONLY!)

What kind of kiss are you?

Are you good at kissing (girls only)

What kind of kisser are you?

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Amaris Bradley (62597)
18 days ago
I think this website is amazing! Thanks for everything I’m going to make the first move tomorrow with a note. I don’t want to talk to him so I’m giving him a note to tell him do you want to be friends? One time his friends said you have a crush on Amaris? Maybe he does have a crush on me or they were just kidding.
Timeirah Willimas (15073)
45 days ago
I have a boyfriend and he kind of stares at me. But he is so cute!
Random 8 yr old (74284)
48 days ago
Methanol asked me to be his valentine...girls,same?
Random 8 yr old (74284)
48 days ago
Bad news......
I so cheated on him in the auditorium I kissed this other kid named Conner and I don't know if to tell my boyfriend Nethanel or not.I think he'll take it ...he is a calm kid.Goin' to his house tomorrow night.Sexy's in for a whole day worth fun ;P
Random 8 yr old (74284)
48 days ago
I had💗with my crush in our school basement at lunch...true story...even though I am 8 I have a boyfriend that is as hot as hell!!!!!!He so likes me back.He came to my house on Sunday as a sleepover and we were put in the same room.My parents went to sleep and that was my first kiss!!!!!!!!!
cutegirl (02918)
80 days ago
this is a total liar becuase he aready has 2 girlfreinds i even hate him.if i add 1 more girlfreind i will be 3
husky wilker (47046)
100 days ago
These test are stupid because if you just go back and put in the exact same answers it will give you a total different result
Emily (34279)
110 days ago
So I have a crush...he likes me back., his name is Micheal Diconstazo and I am soooo heartbroken...
But it's only cos he's moving to a new school next year. That year five BTW(By The Way).
And also we danced at the school dance together in year 3...ahhh...
P.S.Once he tried to even kiss me!!!! It was at his friend's Christian's party(he invited me! It's obvi only cos Micheal persuaded him to, though)and he tried to kiss me when we were bowling at strike but I dodged! UGH! If I didn't I could've had my first kiss when I was 9!!!!!! Cos I am 9 now.
katherine hines (73586)
120 days ago
Jennifer (99992)
135 days ago
My crush name is Ricky Morgan were like this💑
jess (13803)
146 days ago
I just asked tom out and he said yes
I'm going now see you later
Finley mason (08276)
151 days ago
Ask him out.........
Anonymous (84053)
177 days ago
i want my first kiss with this really hot dude i know he likes me, he always tries hand stuff but not sure if he wants to kiss/b friends/go out- i want to! what do i do?
Hailey Gordon (82665)
216 days ago
I’m scared to ask him if I can kiss him I love him I want my first kiss to be with him
Hailey Gordon (82665)
216 days ago
Okay so I really like this guy(love him) but idk how to tell him every time I talk to him I start to blush. When I see him I get so confused/happy/ it gets awkward but I love him what do I do
Serenity (22745)
233 days ago
OK so there's this boy D'marion and I really like him ALOT and I took the other tests and other test was do I like or love him ,I answered them and they said I love him!!! His full name that I know of is D'marion Crumedy p.s if you see this I love you talk to you at school!!;)
Destiny (86680)
289 days ago
Lol taken but scared for first kiss
No one (10543)
330 days ago
I don't even know how my crush is my boyfriend LOL :D
Kiersten (16854)
616 days ago
So there is this boy he likes me and I like him , but I never have anything to say to him can u give me idea what we should talk about?
Sabrina (01870)
728 days ago
I have a boyfriend but I'm so nerves I just run away and say uh-huh I hate u-u (ur so cute) him say what oh and u look super cute today I really want too kiss u I run away and blush what do I do?!?!?!??!?!