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Are You Transgender (FtM)?

Are You Transgender (FtM)?

Are you trans?

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Transgender Quiz (MTF) For Real

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How trans are you? Ftm and Mtf

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2 days ago
Well...I don’t know if you're going to see that, but anyway first of all I don’t think being trans and liking watching sports or fashion is connected. And if you feel more confident having short hair, would I, in your place cut it short, but that’s your decision to make.
About that thing with dressing more masculine and well I can’t really help you there, but try to make small steps ,I for example am dressing really masculine and I hardly get comments at all about that (but I’m at a pretty small German school so I don’t know if that’s the main reason or that it just always was like that because the most people can’t even remember me looking feminin ) back to bad comments: I mean yeah I got a few comments by people I actually know very well but first most of the few I got were very ironic and the other two stopped after they noticed that I don’t really care about what they say about me looking like a boy. So I think that if you act confident the most people will stop, especially if you have people behind you who will support you. But that’s different from person to person, I had someone in my class who had really big problems ( she really tried everything against it) with people saying more or less bad things to her ( they said similar things to me but I actually never had a problem with that because in my opinions they were dumb jokes while what they said really hurt my friend) but if you are scared just try to make small steps because they won’t say that as much about you if you just get a short haircut as when you suddenly come to school like a boy. (You can also in the first place just try to imagine what it would be like to go to school like that) Also you’re not a coward because you are scared about things like that especially with all these stories from other trans people (or in general stories about bullying), i mean yes that could happen and it’s better to be prepared for that case but it doesn’t has to happen.
And if you don’t want to do that at school you can try to do that in the internet because it’s much easier to be the opposite gender there.
I hope I could help somehow
(Just remember I’m also just some teen trying to help and by no mean a professional)
9 days ago
Hey y'all! So I wanted to ask for advice here, because I am questioning my gender and am not 100% sure I'm trans... So I am biologically a girl but I don't feel like the idea of being a woman fits me. Growing up, I always liked boys things, I would dress up as a pirate or a knight, I even remember thinking that I rather want to be a boy then. But when I hit puberty and got my period I just didn't like it and I developed an eating disorder, anirexia. When I recovered around the age of 14 Istarted to dress extremely feminine and put on tonnes of makeup because I thought only like that people would see me as a girl. I was always very shy and had a low self esteem, but then I cut my hair very short and suddenly I got as confident as I've never been before. This summer, I started to grow out my hair and my self doubts came back and I got somehow depressed, because since I recovered from my eating disorder I gained a lot of weight. This month I began to remark that I compare myself more to guys in movies and TV shows rather than to girls, and I am jealous of their looks. I am not entirely sure if it is not just strong attraction but I am bisexual and I never feel like this about girls. I would really like to dress more masculine and act more masculine for finding out if this is really who I am, but I am too scared. I don't want to be bullied or people to make fun of me. Maybe I'm just a coward. But it's also because I am scared because what if I am wrong and I am not Trans and people are gonna laugh at me? Because sometimes I like more stereotypical girly stuff like the colour pink, I love fashion and I don't like watching sports. I am very confused... because it could be a phase... but I experienced these thoughts way before and most Trans guys say they just knew always. Like if I had the chance to choose if I would be born again as a boy or a girl, i would 100% choose to be a man, like that just feels right, and I hate my female name (Salome) I cant identify with it, but I'm not sure if I am masculine enough to be trans? Does that make sense? Sooo if you have any advice, please comment and help me:) would be very nice of you! ~ Sam
9 days ago
Hey y'all! So I wanted to ask for advice here, because
16 days ago
I don’t know what to say to my mom and dad they are religious and I am trans
45 days ago
I've been thinking about being a guy since I first went out with a girl now I'm just confused 😑
53 days ago
For most of my life, I haven’t really felt (male) my gender suits me. I always used to pretend to be a girl when I was younger and think skirts and other girl fashion is cute. My name is Charles, as well, which can be used for male or female. But also, considering I’m Gay, being trans might not be a terrible idea. I’m just to nervous to reveal myself in public considering no one will except me.
66 days ago
I hate being a girl to many drama and life problems I imagine my self being a happy guy, I don't know why boys wanna be trans cause being a girl sucks
90 days ago
i am transgender and i dont know how to tell my parents
104 days ago
(teal))I guess I've always felt like my body is not connected to me, strange. Kim isn't my "real" name, but it's better. It's a name that will always fit, no matter the gender, and that works for me.
104 days ago
And I am so transgender. I've tried to be a girl all my life, quite successful, because I am a good actor. But now time has come to quit lying and acting. Time to be a man, finally.
130 days ago
130 days ago
idk what i am any more
143 days ago
How do I tell my parents
143 days ago
God I think I’m bigender
145 days ago
My name is Isrieal. But that's not my biological name. I am a closeted 11 year old trans boy. I plan on asking my mom on buying me boy clothes and shoes for middle school.
169 days ago
My name is Isabelle.
I prefer to be called Iz, though. I am not really sure about my gender, but I feel non-binary. I do not really classify as male nor female when I am with my friends.
174 days ago
My name is Andy
I always want to be called Andrea and I want to come out of the closet as a woman and have a gender change and pass is a beautiful model