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Are You FTM Transgender? (most accurate version)

Are You Transgender (FtM)?

Are You Transgender (FtM)?

Are you trans?

Transgender Quiz (MTF) For Real

Transgender Quiz (MTF) For Real

How much do you know about transgender issues?

Are you transgender? (AMAB)

Trans test for males

How trans are you? Ftm and Mtf

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4 days ago
I hate being a girl to many drama and life problems I imagine my self being a happy guy, I don't know why boys wanna be trans cause being a girl sucks
8 days ago
aw this website censors cuss words with hearts how kawaii úwù
8 days ago
scaddle scoodle your💗is now a noodle
28 days ago
i am transgender and i dont know how to tell my parents
42 days ago
(teal))I guess I've always felt like my body is not connected to me, strange. Kim isn't my "real" name, but it's better. It's a name that will always fit, no matter the gender, and that works for me.
43 days ago
And I am so transgender. I've tried to be a girl all my life, quite successful, because I am a good actor. But now time has come to quit lying and acting. Time to be a man, finally.
68 days ago
68 days ago
idk what i am any more
82 days ago
How do I tell my parents
82 days ago
God I think I’m bigender
84 days ago
My name is Isrieal. But that's not my biological name. I am a closeted 11 year old trans boy. I plan on asking my mom on buying me boy clothes and shoes for middle school.
108 days ago
My name is Isabelle.
I prefer to be called Iz, though. I am not really sure about my gender, but I feel non-binary. I do not really classify as male nor female when I am with my friends.
112 days ago
My name is Andy
I always want to be called Andrea and I want to come out of the closet as a woman and have a gender change and pass is a beautiful model