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Some people just know who they are, sexually, without question. If you're here because you're not one of them, welcome. And don't worry, because you won't be judged here. We just want to help you feel more confident and secure about yourself – in every aspect.
Sadly, there will always be haters - people who'll judge anything and anyone outside their narrow, usually mainstream view. Fortunately, as time progresses, more and more people are bravely and boldly asserting their right to love whom they want - same sex, opposite sex, or in some cases, neither.
Bisexuals have the unique capacity to be attracted to and to love just about anyone. That could never be a bad thing, right? It all depends on your perspective. If you're wondering "Am I bisexual?" but aren't sure, check out these quizzes. While only you can be totally sure of how you identify (and that can change over time, for some people), honest answers to these quizzes can help you sort things out.

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Are you bi?

Am I Bisexual, Or Just Bi-Curious?

Am I Bisexual, Or Just Bi-Curious?

Are you bisexual? ( sorry only girls)

Am I Bisexual? (For Women)

Am I Bisexual? (For Women)

Am I straight, bisexual or lesbian?

Am I Bisexual? (girls only)

Are you bisexual?

Am I Bi? (Girls Only)

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MJ (31332)
3 days ago
I think im bisexual but only in a💗way, i love boys and i feel very atractive to them but i already have💗with 2 or 3 girls and the💗is so amazing, so different, girls understand girls
Mary (43499)
5 days ago
Hang in there girl,. Goodight! Everyoe!
Mackenzy (54326)
5 days ago
So I’m very confused about my sexuality because I don’t find guys all that much attractive, although I do want to date then, like l might see a guy and go “oh, I’d date him!” or something but not think they’re attractive, girls on ther other hand are the opposite, I think girls are super attractive, but I DO NOT want to date them, like at all. I think I’m gay because, well, I’d want to date another guy, even if I don’t find them attractive, but I think girls are attractive and I don’t want to date them, that’s why I’m so confused. If anyone has advise, please let me know!
💗tard (38393)
6 days ago
because pansexual is just bi lmaoo
Gray (69034)
13 days ago
How come there’s a “am I bisexual?” Category but not a “Am I pansexual?” One? We exist too, ya know!
Aarron (21329)
17 days ago
Okie not to be rude but you have to many tests just for girls otherwise have a good day
Kaitlynn (73766)
19 days ago
I am 15 and I had💗with my ex bf about 4 months ago and he moved away and we aren't in contact anymore and I'm pregnant but here's the problem I've been in a lesbian relationship for two months and we have also had💗together I just found out about being pregnant I don't know what to do Any ideas??
Ava (82889)
28 days ago
Hi! I am 13 and I am not so sure about my sexuality. Recently a lot of my friends are coming out as Bi or Lesbian, which is great! But I still don’t know about me. In the past I have tend to find boys more so attractive. But I also find girls pretty... but K don’t know like in a crush way. I am really curious about this because I think it would be investing to try to date a girl but.. I am just not sure... HELP. please
Marina (18876)
32 days ago
I need help. I'm not sure if I'm bixesual
BLUE (41465)
37 days ago
@..., if you also like boys that way then yes, you probably are bisexual, I’m no expert but I hope I helped!
... (17374)
38 days ago
Hi, I’m a girl and I think I could be bisexual but I’m not sure please help me!!! I HAVE had a crush on a girl and HAVE found girls attractive at times but not sure if I would consider a relationship with a girl. It could be because I don’t know how people would react if I did but I’m not sure.

enter sarcasm here (23527)
41 days ago
@Bella, you might be pansexual
Astrid (41465)
59 days ago

I’m not great at relationships, as you would know if you read my comment, but I do have enough knowledge with sexualities to know that you are either bisexual, bicurious, or possibly something else, I do think that you are bicurious from the information you gave me in your comment.

Hope I helped, Astrid.
Bella (62754)
59 days ago
What part of the pride would I be? So I’ve been straight my whole life so far, and my friend is now transgender, and I think she is cute, and I’m a girl too so I felt that I was gay..
What sexuality am I?!
Astrid (41465)
65 days ago
I have no idea what I am but one of my female friends told me they liked me and I went in a relationship with her just to try it out but I just don’t have feelings for her that way, if anyone has any advice on how to break up with her and still be her friend, please, please, please let me know.
No Name Needed (09596)
72 days ago
Hi, I'm 13 and I'm not sure if I'm Bisexual. I don't know if it's real or if it's because I want attention. I don't know if I've ever had a crush on a girl, It's just that the thought of it doesn't sound that bad.
Miles (05948)
74 days ago
Correction \/ not helo, help
Miles (05948)
74 days ago
I have just turned 13, I have always felt I was completely straight until I was 10, then I thought I was gay and for a year or 2 I have felt about bit bisexual, like strongly attracted to girls, but about half as attracted to boys, and I don't really fantasize girls only boys and I'm really confused. I make and I don't know my sexuality Helo
UndeniablyGorgeous18 (95770)
80 days ago
I don't know if I'm a Bi because honestly I'm attracted with a Man but also I'm attracted with a Girl. But I already have a Boyfriend before when I was Gr.7 but now I'm already Gr.9 but I'm in relationship with a girl but I also having a Crush with a guy.. so I dunno if what I am if I'm a Bi or Not. I don't know what to do?
Preferably anonymous (55048)
86 days ago
I am 14, my first kiss was a girl but at the time she was in a “thing” nothing ever happened between us and in my defense I say that I kissed her to get my first kiss over with. It was just a peck. However, even before that I wondered if I was bi. I am attracted to them but I feel like I am too young to think about doing anything sexual with neither a man nor a woman. I would be in a relationship with both but I’m too afraid to give myslef a title. I don’t really want a title I just want to be fluid but I feel like a sign that I am not bi is not giving myself a title. Do I need one? Can you answer any more of my questions? If so please respond