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Some people just know who they are, sexually, without question. If you're here because you're not one of them, welcome. And don't worry, because you won't be judged here. We just want to help you feel more confident and secure about yourself – in every aspect.
Sadly, there will always be haters - people who'll judge anything and anyone outside their narrow, usually mainstream view. Fortunately, as time progresses, more and more people are bravely and boldly asserting their right to love whom they want - same sex, opposite sex, or in some cases, neither.
Bisexuals have the unique capacity to be attracted to and to love just about anyone. That could never be a bad thing, right? It all depends on your perspective. If you're wondering "Am I bisexual?" but aren't sure, check out these quizzes. While only you can be totally sure of how you identify (and that can change over time, for some people), honest answers to these quizzes can help you sort things out.

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Are you bi?

Am I Bisexual? (For Women)

Am I Bisexual? (For Women)

Are you bisexual? ( sorry only girls)

Are you bisexual or bi-curious?

Am I straight, bisexual or lesbian?

Am I Bisexual? (girls only)

Are you bisexual?

What is my sexuality?

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Astrid (41465)
4 days ago
I have no idea what I am but one of my female friends told me they liked me and I went in a relationship with her just to try it out but I just don’t have feelings for her that way, if anyone has any advice on how to break up with her and still be her friend, please, please, please let me know.
No Name Needed (09596)
10 days ago
Hi, I'm 13 and I'm not sure if I'm Bisexual. I don't know if it's real or if it's because I want attention. I don't know if I've ever had a crush on a girl, It's just that the thought of it doesn't sound that bad.
Miles (05948)
13 days ago
Correction \/ not helo, help
Miles (05948)
13 days ago
I have just turned 13, I have always felt I was completely straight until I was 10, then I thought I was gay and for a year or 2 I have felt about bit bisexual, like strongly attracted to girls, but about half as attracted to boys, and I don't really fantasize girls only boys and I'm really confused. I make and I don't know my sexuality Helo
UndeniablyGorgeous18 (95770)
19 days ago
I don't know if I'm a Bi because honestly I'm attracted with a Man but also I'm attracted with a Girl. But I already have a Boyfriend before when I was Gr.7 but now I'm already Gr.9 but I'm in relationship with a girl but I also having a Crush with a guy.. so I dunno if what I am if I'm a Bi or Not. I don't know what to do?
Preferably anonymous (55048)
25 days ago
I am 14, my first kiss was a girl but at the time she was in a “thing” nothing ever happened between us and in my defense I say that I kissed her to get my first kiss over with. It was just a peck. However, even before that I wondered if I was bi. I am attracted to them but I feel like I am too young to think about doing anything sexual with neither a man nor a woman. I would be in a relationship with both but I’m too afraid to give myslef a title. I don’t really want a title I just want to be fluid but I feel like a sign that I am not bi is not giving myself a title. Do I need one? Can you answer any more of my questions? If so please respond
Empress (72080)
33 days ago
I am 10 and I am bisexual
anonumous27 (97017)
37 days ago
I am really confused about whether I am Bi or I just like guys. I can't figure it out and I don't want to tell anybody because It might not be true. My best friend came out as Bi a couple of months ago and he told me first, so I feel like I should tell him because he is my best friend but I don't want to tell anyone until I am sure and I can't be sure without actually dating a girl and a guy but if I am not Bi that would be unfair to the girl and I am also only 12 and all the kids in my school are Jerks, but at camp I met a really nice girl and I might have a crush on her But I don't know. What do I do!?
SnowLover11 (91907)
37 days ago
I am fourteen years of age, and I am having weird thoughts about this girl on my softball team. The girl I have a crush on and I are going to be high schoolers in less then a month now, and I never told her I liked her. I am scared, what if she doesn’t like me, or if she is straight. I don’t know if my parents will accept me as a bisexual. I don’t know what to do. I am scared to tell my parents and brothers. Mostly because my brother is homophobic, and they think I am straight, but I think I am bi, but I don’t know if I should tell them or just wait. Someone help me?!? Please...
A GIRL (63401)
40 days ago
hello im 14, im bisexaul im scared to come out my friends or my parents dont know im dating a girl right now my mom thinks shes a best friend I NEED HELP TO COME OUT
Anonymous (30334)
46 days ago
My friend came out as bi a few days ago and it kinda got me thinking about if I am bisexual or not. I think I am because I have liked guys and girls before but I didn’t really think about it much. I thought it was a completely normal thing that everyone experiences. Basically, I am really confused
angelica (27794)
50 days ago
i came out to my friend they start to bully me .... anonymous make sure u can truths them and make sure they don't make fun of u ok
Annonymous (43021)
50 days ago
I'm hesitant to come out as bisexual. I can barely sleep just thinking about what would happen if they or my friends found out. What should I do?
Hanna (55780)
52 days ago
You don’t have to
Tell anyone be true to who you are and do what you feel is right for you to be happy... your happiness is no one else’s business
Nunya 💗 buiznuz (09594)
54 days ago
Anonymous (54089)
If u look up coming out song on you tube I have watched many of them. I seems like a less stressful way of coming out.
Just confused? (12429)
54 days ago
I'm just an ordinary girl....well thought I was. Turns out that I'm bi and I'm to scared of telling anyone. I know that my mom would not except me and my dad to. No one knows and I'm barely 14 years old and I need guidance or advice if anyone is looking at this 😤💙💜❤
Xxx (36048)
57 days ago
I think I like my friend(she's bi 2) and she knows I am bi but idk if she likes me the same way and I don't wanna tell my parents because I do not think they will accept me for me well at least I don't think my dad will accept me😢😭😭😢😭😢😢😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😤😭🤑
anonymous2 (21966)
59 days ago
I feel u anonymous, I am bi and crushing on my bff. I don't know what or say or do, maybe you should just be strait forward, but then again idk squat and am only 13, who knows something might change.
Anonymous (54089)
61 days ago
Any ideas on how to come out as bi to a friend? I plan to this week
Blue (17004)
67 days ago
I’m really confused because if ik see a boy i’m like omgg so hot but if i see a girl i’m like omg so pretty. And i’m nothing but confused. It all seems so easy in movies ( just easier ) but i’m like really struggling with: am i bi or do i just like boys. And i olso don’t wanna tell my parent or friend because i know my parent will accept me for who i am but i think my friends will look at me different ( like i like them or something wich i don’t ) and i’m 13. So what should i do. O i’m sorry if mi sentences aren’t good English i’m comming from somewhere else.