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Some people just know who they are, sexually, without question. If you're here because you're not one of them, welcome. And don't worry, because you won't be judged here. We just want to help you feel more confident and secure about yourself – in every aspect.
Sadly, there will always be haters - people who'll judge anything and anyone outside their narrow, usually mainstream view. Fortunately, as time progresses, more and more people are bravely and boldly asserting their right to love whom they want - same sex, opposite sex, or in some cases, neither.
Bisexuals have the unique capacity to be attracted to and to love just about anyone. That could never be a bad thing, right? It all depends on your perspective. If you're wondering "Am I bisexual?" but aren't sure, check out these quizzes. While only you can be totally sure of how you identify (and that can change over time, for some people), honest answers to these quizzes can help you sort things out.

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Are you bi?

Am I Bisexual? (For Women)

Am I Bisexual? (For Women)

Are you bisexual? ( sorry only girls)

Are you bisexual or bi-curious?

Am I straight, bisexual or lesbian?

Am I Bisexual? (girls only)

Are you bisexual?

What is my sexuality?

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anonymous2 (21966)
22 hours ago
I feel u anonymous, I am bi and crushing on my bff. I don't know what or say or do, maybe you should just be strait forward, but then again idk squat and am only 13, who knows something might change.
Anonymous (54089)
2 days ago
Any ideas on how to come out as bi to a friend? I plan to this week
Blue (17004)
8 days ago
I’m really confused because if ik see a boy i’m like omgg so hot but if i see a girl i’m like omg so pretty. And i’m nothing but confused. It all seems so easy in movies ( just easier ) but i’m like really struggling with: am i bi or do i just like boys. And i olso don’t wanna tell my parent or friend because i know my parent will accept me for who i am but i think my friends will look at me different ( like i like them or something wich i don’t ) and i’m 13. So what should i do. O i’m sorry if mi sentences aren’t good English i’m comming from somewhere else.
Blue (17004)
8 days ago
If i watch movies about people comming out i realy hesetate if i’m also bi but i’m not sure and i don’t wanna tell people that i’m bi because i don’t know it mysef. And i sleep realy bad the last days and i’m 13.

Sorry if i made a lot of mistakes with the sectenses i’m comming from another country.
Loving bi girl (68811)
13 days ago
My mom was mad when I told her my neighbor was bi how should I tell her I’m bi I’m 10 and I think I’m either lesbian or bi wat do I do.
Girl Who Wants Some Answers (44581)
17 days ago
I gave been attracted to one of my best friends (she is bisexual) for a little while now. She is sweet and has an amazing personality! I don't know if she would like me the same way, and I don't want to ruin our friendship! She doesn't know that I'm bisexual (she thinks I'm confused) and I don't know what to do. I'm not that attractive, but I really like her what do I do?
Sincerely, Confused 14 year old
Me (64085)
18 days ago
I want to make out with girls but I’m only 12 and I’m scared to ask any girls
Sophië (71557)
21 days ago
🌷 Just remember that it’s really rare to be 100% certain of your sexuality before, like, age 30. So if you’re still trying to figure it out, that’s normal. No need to get stressed about it. 🌷
amy (11788)
23 days ago
I'm 10 and I think i'm bi. But my mom is strongly against stuff like that. I don't know what to do! Can you help me?
Abby (25146)
24 days ago
I'm really confused I'm 11 and I really like boys but I have weird thoughts about girls i really think I'm bi but I don't know and I'm in a Christian family and I feel like my parents would think badly about me even thought there not strongly against it.
Morgie (50137)
31 days ago
Ok I’m 11. I have been thinking about this a while. I think I may be, but my fam is against same💗relationship
Everly (97989)
36 days ago
Hi I am 12 years old and I had a really big crush on this guy in one of my classes I had a crush on him for a year in a half ! Then I was moving away and all my friends said that I should tell him how I fell . I didn't want to do that at the end of the school day one of my friends told him but I told her to .the next day he asked me to this Neon 80s Dance I was so flattered and I had goosebumps and I was nervous today was the first day of spring break so I could not get back to him until after spring break. Moving on to a couple months later I don't like him at all I mean he wasn't cute at all I just liked him for his personality. Then I started to have a big crush on one of my best friends she is bi but she dose not like me and she likes a perfect Beautiful dancer girl in my class I have always been jealous of her any way I was questioning my sexuality ok so now I am really leaving to another state so I decided to tell my other best friend and she flips out but she is ok with it oh and did I mention the two people that are in this story are bi and I didn't know that at first!she told her that I liked her with my permission and she didn't care there is my story I think I am bi or lesbian I have to wait till I am a little older to find out
Ponies and unicorns0 (19824)
36 days ago
I’m 9 and the love of my life cheated on me and now I’m gonna make out with a girl to make him jealous. Do u think it will work?
Guinevere (14444)
39 days ago
HELP! I’m 12 and think I’m bisexual and don’t know how to come out??!! I’m so scared and sad that my mum and friends will not take it seriously or will not love me...🙃
Lara (12922)
43 days ago
Please help! I need advice!
Lara (12922)
43 days ago
How the fudge do I tell my parents I’m bi (I’m 13 btw)!?!? My dad is a little homophobic so I don’t know what to do
sabrina (72874)
43 days ago
at13 I dated a girl but she cheated on me but then I fell in love with another and now were together for 4 years
Xochitl (30779)
44 days ago
im also turned on bi (ha see what i did there. BI instead of BY) redheads.
Xochitl (30779)
44 days ago
I started crushing on this girl in my class, at the same time having a crush on this girl in my class!
Guess I kind of feel happy about it knowing my boyfriend was bi too:/. But I tried to tell my friend and now shes scared of me!
angel (11216)
44 days ago
i have been feeling like i have more of a connection with girls then with boys because boys don't understand me and my needs and i have been with girls more i am proud of being a bisexual i mean i like boys but i am not happy with guys i would a girls then boys? is there a nice girl out there i am single?